Test riding the BMW S1000RR on Friday...tips?

So, having never ridden one. Is there anything anyone can tell me about them that I should be aware of, in the sense of…oh it was a couple of months until I realised, or you can do this or that, which probably won’t be explained in the 10 minutes of chat we will have before I ride off?

Given that the bike will be brand new, I don’t think I need to do any tyre kicking, so not looking for problems that might arise.

Just enjoyed it… it should be a hell of a machine!

Let us know the experience…

Don’t do any tyre kicking but definitely get them to check the pressures before you set off.

If find the recommended 36f 42r (that’s if they’ve checked them at all haha) to be way too high for the ‘average’ weight rider and much prefer around 34f 37r. This will help with a slightly bigger tyre ‘footprint’ generating a tad more grip and heat into it. Will help scrubbing in those new tyres as well.

There’s different power modes too:cool: You’ll love it!

Go fast.

Raise the stand before putting it in gear! :smiley:

Nah…seriously, have a great time - am jealous!

Wheelie away from the showroom and a stoppie on the way back in.

Get a ZX10-R :smiley:
Nah should be fun, enjoy!

Cover the back brake?

As long as you don’t go to Germany you’ll be fine :smiley:

I sense someone want to have something new as someone else have the green one…

Enjoy it mate!


I test rode 2 recently, one from Vines & one from Bahnstormer.

Extremely powerful in race, good in road, and positively asthmatic in the low power mode!

The handling wasn’t all that, to the point that the Vines one was ‘ok’ and the Bahnstormer one was awful, couldn’t wait to get off in one piece if I’m honest.

But then, with 200bhp on Bridgestone commuting tyres, it’s to be expected!

Brakes are very good, and quickshifter is addictive, now have one on my gsxr750 instead of buying the s1000

Find out what the insurance excess is for test rides, then decide how fast you want to go :w00t:

Put it in race mode, presumably they will have it set the suspension as hard a possible.

When I got mine it was rock hard until B sorted out the suspension, also run 35/38 psi which makes it more manageable.
As to handling, well you just got to ride it properly :smiley:

Stick to your existing paddock and give the money to a housing charity :wink:

I rode one for 4 days, around 500 miles. Its like an inline jap 4 1000cc bike but faster. And I have yet to meet someone riding them on the road that can actually ride them… I have just re-read that last sentence and it reads badly. But they are ridden by arseholes. Maybe you will fit in that bracket??? Otherwise buy something else… They even look shite, :slight_smile:

for a little bit less you could have something far more exotic
or a race rep zx10
or a piece of race history
or an investment

I pictured this in my head then laughed. :hehe:

you need to finish it all off by nonchalantly flinging the keys back to the stunned salesman and saying, Nah mate, got anything a bit faster?

Like this


or this


is crap in anything other than race mode,the anti wheelie and traction mean you can pin the throttle in any gear and 7k launches from the lights are a must!

my advice, dont drop it :stuck_out_tongue: