Test Rides

Well it’s nearly 2 weeks since my test pass and I’ve been making a list of bikes that I quite like the look of. Obviously I’d like to test ride them first to see which one would suit me best.

Anyhow, I had an email from Infinity who said that if you test ride a bike at the moment you get put into a prize draw for £250 worth of vouchers, as the FZ6 Fazer was on my list of potentials I thought I’d give them a ring to book a test ride on one. Unfortunately they wouldn’t allow me on a test ride until I’d held my full license for 6 months - they said it was to do with their insurance. :unsure:

So, is this the standard practice for bike shops? It’d be pretty frustrating if it is. Has anybody else had this problem or know of a place that doesn’t place this restriction on test rides?

well my mate got a test ride on an FZ6 (05 version) from metropolis vauxhall on the weekend and he only passed his test last week, they said all they need is your pass certificate.

Give them a bell, not a bad buy either, bit high mileage (22K) but an 05 model for £3200 I think…

Cheers Elad, I’ll check them out :slight_smile:

Had similar thing with a different company, but they said (and their website says same thing) people wanting to test ride have to have held a full license for 12 months - ‘Insurance rules’. Seems mental, but I guess these outfits don’t ever sell bikes to new bikers, then?

I did a test ride on a Bandit yesterday at Rex Judd in Hampstead. I only passed my test 2 weeks ago.

The insurance excess was only 350 quid with Rex Judd, but 1000 quid when I test rode the FZ6 at Metropolis (see Elads message).

Rex Judd have a decent second hand Bandit 19k miles for 2200 pounds.

Try Motoden in the City, they let my friend ride a CBR and Ninja when he had his licence for a couple of weeks (they were 2nd hand though) and maybe George White in the City for a Fazer (though I don’t think they’ll let you on the sports bikes until you’ve had your licence for 6 months).