Test ride tomorrow.........

buying used not new chris

OK wise choice, made an assumption with the R being recent-didn’t think there’d be many about used so soon. Have fun anyway

It is an ex staff 675R, year old with 5k on the clock

at metropolis by any chance? if so, my mate chris’ old bike. did his suspension for him a few months back

No Matt at a local to me place in Surrey

about bloody time!!! nice one mate. ooooo i`m excited now as well. :slight_smile:

Good to see you’re going with an objective view Leon, not likely to be swayed by excitement etc etc :D:D

ha, you know me. Will weigh up all the pro’s and con’s, write them all down. Strategically score each plus and minus points and then buy the one with brembo’s and ohlins :laugh:

hahahaha. just like I would want to do it!

I don’t get it - you sold a very nice bike as you wanted a dedicated track bike (then bought an sv, but that’s another story) and wanted something more comfortable for the road, now you’re looking at the smallest sports bike there is with the stiffest shocks? What’s the thinking?

You’re a very naughty boy Leon

I sold the gsxr to get a minitwin to go racing.

I was looking at big nakeds but 1000cc insurance is too much at the moment, so going to get another sports 600. Not sure where you get the 675 is the smallest? not read or heard that anywhere, I know it is quite a tall bike and had heard it was reasonably roomy. The shocks/forks are fully adjustable, the dealership is knocking them back a couple of clicks and I am going to see what it’s like.

Right that makes more sense…having seen the Daytona in person and a few girls saying it was the only sports bike they could fit on, it seems quite small.

I wouldn’t have thought 1000cc naked would be more to insure than faired very nickable sports bike though?

I’m sure you were saying a sports bike was wasted on the road before though, would have thought you’d be in the VFR ballpark for a do-it-all road bike?

my insurance is a lot as only passed in march, anything 1000 they want £1500 a year. Can get the 675 in for £900.

Also the 675 engine with a bit more torque is supposed to be decent as a road bike which I why I was looking at them. Didn’t mean to get sucked in by the R :rolleyes:

And what about your 2-up road trips?:ermm:

PAH!! U know which direction I’d point ya into! It has cheapo insurance too :wink: low ins group :smiley:

OMFG I am in love :smiley: incredible bike, didn’t even test ride the non R version ha ha…

Got a good deal (I think anyway!) so am made up, going to be the longest two weeks ever!!

Nice one!

that is class, and came 3rd on the FB shootout, beating the S1000RR!

Good choice, looking forward to seeing it and following you to Le Mans on it next year!