Test ride booked.....

Always fancied a 675 and riding one Friday coming…

SE white with blue frame…Shexy!

My mate who is the same size as me(6ft 4) did a stand up wheely past me and it just looked like a 125, it was fricking tiny!

Anyone got one?

6’4’’ on a 675! good luck with that! im closer to 6’6’’ and it felt like a push bike, the most comfortable sports 600 i’ve found is the ZX-6, with the 10 feeling even nicer :smiley:

I wont be travelling Europe on it like last year:D

I’m tryin to down grade from 1000cc to keep my license longer… I had a 2007 ZX-10R, was comfy:)

oh yes, the 675 is very good although you are probably gonna feel pretty big on it - it’ll be a long way down in to a racing crouch hehe.

have a ball and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Lovely bike, in the best colours. It’s going to feel tiny if you’re coming off a 1000