Test and Bike..

I’m thinking about doing my motorbike test and get a bike, but i dont have much knowledge on either the test or what would be a good first bike…

i dont really wanna spend no more than 1.5k - 2k on my first bike and obviously it cant be a mega powerful bike for insurance reasons…

any ideas appreciated :D!

Take a CBT first - you’ve got to do one of those anyway. If you take to biking, then you’ve got a choice of riding a 125 on L plates while you practice for your test, or doing a direct access on a larger machine if you’re over 21. For the money you quote, you could get a reasonable used japanese 125.

What are you gong to use the bike for?

My first bike was a CBR 125, 06 reg and costed ~1400. Insurance if i haven’t mistaken was about 300, but this depends on things like where the bike will be parked, for how long have you been driving, etc. So as far as buy a new bike is concerned, you have the right budget. I took my CBT first and then that same weekend went out and bought the CBR 125. So I would suggest taking the CBT before buying a 125, if not, you wouldn’t be able to drive you new bike home :slight_smile: (and don’t forget the L plates and sort out the insurance). Other essential expenses to also look out for are safety stuff like helmet, gloves, boots, etc,… these quick add up too but can be reused when you buy a bigger bike :wink:

As far as the test goes, after driving the CBR 125 for over 6 months, felt more confident and book myself for a 3 days DAS training, down the road. The training schools covered all the test maneuvers and with that I passed in the first attempt, sold the CBR 125 and now ride a CBR 600rr :w00t:. You could do something similar, if you’ld like:cool:

Firstly it will depend very much on what you are going to use the bike for and what you like…(although this sometimes isn’t easy to know).

After lots of forum reading the majority said the Honda Rebel and Yamaha Virago are great first time bikes. Both well priced, not to powerful and good resell value. I choose the Yamaha Virago VX250 manly for the look and comfort.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I did my CBT and direct access over July and August this year. Had to do weekends due to work commitments hence the longer time.
Howver with regards to bike I simply went on th basis of what I wanted to use the bike for and what I liked. Took the same basis when looking at purchasing all my gear (helmet/boots etc).
I think the ‘what you like’ opinion will be the most important because it would make you feel more comfortable (maybe confident). Probably the same when purchasing clothing etc, you get what you like and feel comfortable in.
In the end I’ve recently picked up a 08 plate R6.