Tesco in Waltham Abbey

I was asked to take my helmet off by a security guard at Tesco in Waltham Abbey.
Someone posted something similar a few weeks ago but was a petrol station. I couldn’t find the thread though.

I was soaked and couldn’t be bothered to take it off and carry an extra item. I was really peeved at the time but tired and just huffed a bit, I wish now I’d said something there and then. What a jobs worth …

‘Whats a jobs worth’? …Someone who’s too poncy to take their helmet off when they walk around a shop imo

I had a similar experience just up the road at the Brookfield Farm Tesco’s. As I was paying for my petrol, clutching my gloves, keys, wallet and trying to enter my pin the woman behind the counter enquired if I would mind removing my helmet next time. She looked somewhat shocked when I politely told her I would mind and she indignantly told me that it was company policy and she could refuse to serve me. I suggested that having already filled my bike with petrol, refusing to take my money was unlikely to be company policy. I must have upset her… she didnt even offer me my “computers for schools” vouchers

To be honest the main reason i use Tesco for petrol was the “Pay at the Pump” facility but since that has not been in operation there for ages, I might just go elsewhere.

yep…they even ask you when your ‘Roof’ up and over helmet is up and over and they can see your face

but i do look very threatening though!

as i mentiond before…tell them its against your religon for people to see your hair…

im a jedi and it always works for me…

fffff…k em…lol…im gonna use this religon malarky to my benefit!!!lololool

good ol smiled.

Funny that. I wear a flip front helmet and use a BP outside Greenwich. Had no problems so far, and I do flip it up. Means they feel secure and can see me. Courtesy. As to going into a shop, I get a small trolley and bung my lid and tank bag in that and do the shopping. Everyone is happy and I’m not lugging/banging my lid around.

I just ride away now… when asked to remove my helmet (before I fill up) I get back on my bike and go down the road, if they ask me whilst paying I point blank refuse and ask them if they’d like me to pay or not.

I understand that we must be filmed by CCTV… I suppose that if my bike was nicked I’d like to see who’s filling it up with petrol… but to be frank if my bike was nicked the police would be unlikly to start going through CCTV at local filling stations!

Folks it is easy, vote with your wheels. Ride away and go somewhere else. My local petrol station knows me now and I very rarely have a problem. When I first when in I put the petrol in, went inside (with my helmet on) to pay clutching a ten pound note and the cashier asked me to remove my helmet. I asked her (politly) why and she said that they had had a lot of scooters fill up with petrol and ride off without paying and that it was “company policy”. I said I understood but having filled up and not ridden away and that I was standing there with £10 in my hand to pay. She looked a little sheepish and appologised and I said “no problem”. I asked her if she really had a letter or memo from head office to say that this was the stations policy and she admitted that she didnt. What she did say was that everytime there was a drive or ride off they got into s**t from head office so it was understandable. I asked her if they had problems with cars driving off and she said there was a big problem and that there was sod all they could do about it as most cars that drove off were untaxed, uninsured and most has false plates on them.

So next time you are asked you have a choice, leave or reason with the people.

Who the hell are you to assume someone is ‘too poncy’ ? Try reading the post properly first, then if you can, try and understand it before making moronic comments.

i just pop my lid on to of my head fill up and go pay,but i use sainsburys in enfield,they have yout behind the counter.

are you serious?

dont see wot the problem is, i see it as good manors to remove my lid, and dont see why people are petty enough to ride off just cause u cant do it!

it takes al of about 30 secs, and if it helps cut down on bike crime, which it will, cause the twat whos just nicked your sportsbike goes in to fill it up, at least if hes taken his lid off, then they have a chance of spotting who it is

would u not be irritated, if your nicked sportsbike was caught on cctv, but they couldnt get a description of the person cause it was that garages policy to allow bikers to leave their lids on!!!

Quite simply, its a (petty) form of discrimination. A form of discrimination against a section of the population they think they can get away with it against without getting challenged.

I say this because the reasons they gave for implementing such a policy would surely deem it necessary for ALL, and I mean ALL customers to bear an exposed full frontal view of their face as a prerequisite to being served at that store. But it doesn’t, and won’t. I’m sure we can think of instances where individuals would most certainly not get asked to comply with such a policy. But motorcyclists are always fair game. So they make it a ‘helmet’ policy as opposed to a ‘show your boat’ policy.

As others have said though, if I were ever asked to remove my lid, I’d simply go to the next filling station. No bother really. Their loss. Afterall, this is London, the next one is never far away.

On the protest theme, it’d be great if when we were told to remove our helmets, we complied, only to reveal a face clad in a burqha/sky mask/balaclava etc!

I don’t really agree with this at all, I understand jobsworths and theor stupid comments so I can see why this upsets you but think about the till attendant, if they ask politley then why not? It IS a risk to them as believe it or noe bikes are used for raids on petrol stations as well as jewellers and they have a fair point that you can just ride off and not pay up…c’mon theres a whole load of stupid weekend chavs out there that would think nothing of doing this on a bike. Alot of them goto the Oakdene cafe on a Wednesday night in their trainers and £30 helmets etc

I recognise commuters etc are not in this league but its very hard for them to tell the difference so they just tell everyone to take their helmets off…

Yes, but you could also argue, rightly or wrongly, that there are also just as many chavs with a baseball cap pulled on low over their face in stolen corsa’s filling up and driving off.

‘Poncy’ I certainly am not …

JZ don’t rise to it hun

Under any other circumstances I would’ve taken it off, but I was gonna be 5 minutes if that, was wet, cold and tired after being at work for 12 hours … and it was Friday night … anyhoo … I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

Wonder if there security company, transporting money in and out have to remove their helmets?

I read it as ‘walking around a supermarket with your helmet on’, not filling up at a petrol station - did you spend a lot of time skiving off lessons at school

hehehe,… ad to that the wave with hand and say ‘you don’t mind me wearing my helmet’ and you should be fine. If in doubt ask them if they’d like to see your lightsabre

"if they ask me I will say “Sorry? Me a no speaka English?”

@ Drei

You appear to be mistaking your ignorance for intelligence.

Please explain why you feel you can call someone ‘poncy’ without knowing the first thing about them?

Not all of us like to ‘roll over’ at the first sign of authority. Sometimes it needs to be questioned.