Tesco has wounded the van

Soo normally I get my diesel from BP or Shell as I have a fuel card price aint a consideration . But today I happened to be to far from subsidised food and was hungry so decided to pay for food and went to tesco . While I was there I thought I may aswell fill up . Hit the road again , now normally the van is a turbo charged six speed kessel run in less than 12 parsecs flying machine even with 3 ton of spanners and crap in the back … Not now … now its a wheeezy turbo lagged pig dog garbage transporter . What the fook is wrong with tescos diesel ??? Is it full of plants and sawdust ? ? Has anyone else noticed its a tankfull of badness ?

tesco fuel is water down cheap shite hence the prices i wouldnt use their fuel even as a last resort .

iv’e heard of tesco diesel being contaminated with petrol, tanker drivers have been known to cock up… if its running as bad as you say it may be worth dipping the tank…

Telco have had previous issues with their fuel and contamination, you need to email them and complain they may ask for a copy of your receipt as well as the station you brought it from!

its still going , it just aint going like it was going before lunch :frowning: … Receipt … umm yeah that got chucked in the bin beside the pump . It was down near Bromley where I got the fuel so atleast you all know to leave the diesel alone at that one .

biodiesel. thats what fu**ed it up.

me and Richard had a very long and hard battle with some dodgy petrol station after they mixed their diesel with biodiesel over the recommended percentage.

new cars dont mind that but it was an 03 M5, turbo was pretty much gone after that stunt.

BMW eventually agreed to replaced it for free and i think they still have a court battle with them to recover the cost, i think it was 5 Star garage or something like that.

bloody hippies :smiley:

tesco = shite, not just the fuel either

+1 on contamination. AFAIK The diesel comes from the same refinery as the other stations, its down to the additives they use the handling of the product. I fill up there regularly because I’m a lazy cheapskate and I’ve never had a problem, but you’re not the first I’ve heard complaining. It’s usually sportsbike riders that get the hump.
They knackered a LOT of motors in 2007

"Since the initial problem in 2007, many people have reported problems with their cars after filling up with petrol and diesel at Tesco filling stations. These problems normally caused the engine management light to come on, and ranged from problems with the fuel system to damaged oxygen lambda sensors. They may have been caused by silicon or even water found in the underground fuel storage tanks.[15] [16] [17] [18]

The latest incident to occur was in March 2012, at a Tesco filling station in Huntingdon. The contaminated diesel caused a £500 damage bill to Andy Ibbotson’s Saab 9-"

You put diesel in an M5, there’s yer problem never mind the brand :smiley:

sorry it was at turbodiesel which one is the model?

cant remember - one of the M series anyways :smiley:

I switched to Shell after the last fiasco involving Tescos and lambda sensors. It is very tempting to go for the cheapest especially as fuel is so expensive and I must admit I have done a couple of times when I’ve know the whole tank will go in a long journey, but reading this has reminded me not to.

I don’t think you actually save much anyway really (I suppose people do it for the points?).

A good tip for regular fill ups to find a Shell near a Tesco (like Osterley). Often they’ll compete and be the same price

Hope your van bets better NumNum…

I use Asda diesel in the fiesta. Only because its dirt cheap! I don’t like the car and I don’t like driving, so at 137.7 I won’t complain!

The van is feeling a bit better, I managed to burn half a tank and filled up at BP its happier now .

I only use Shell if i can as the car and van seem to run better and get out of a tank with it.

I use Shell when I can because I did some temp work there when I was young which was cool and the company is “Royal Dutch.” I also use Vpower because I like the name. I don’t always make logical well informed decisions.