Terry's prog-rock fame!

looking on Wikipedia, I found this…



You have waaaaaaay to much time on your hands!!

Your quite a sad f*ck really Garret, You need to see a shrink :wink:

hes only trying to make A friend

We have the sound effects to go with that face :smiley: just waiting for Mark to put it on the pc and upload.

Heheh nice one Garret :slight_smile:


As you all know, ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ is considered by many as a ground-breaking and album from a great, British band.

I would consider replacing the '(21st Century) Schizoid Man ’ on the iconic cover as a compliment. Well, that’s how it’s meant, as well as a testament to his bravery and dual (Dot) personality :wink:

@ Tiggi - don’t worry, it didn’t take a couple of minutes to do :wink:

@ Shiver - not trying, not making.