Terry Pratchet inspired response

My sis is a big Terry Pratchet fan.  She quoted a line in one of his books where someone is driving and sees a sign “Road works ahead”, to which the author carried on “That’s good, because it would be poor if the road ahead didn’t work.”

Well today, driving down The Ridgeway in Enfield, I saw a sign that read “SLOW WORKFORCE IN ROAD”, which prompted my Pratchet-like response “Well tell them to work faster then!”.

Wanna borrow my copy of “Eats shoots and leaves”? It sounds like you’d appreciate it :wink:



This one tickled me:-

“Know your shit, or no you’re shit”.

Wanna borrow my copy of "Eats shoots and leaves"? It sounds like you'd appreciate it 😉 Janey
Yes please.

Story of my life :smiling_imp: