Terry in a tank!

Blade came over last night and i’d spent the afternoon setting up my new fishtank Blade wanted to know why i had E.T in there!:D:P:w00t:

Yep that`s defo for Terry.:stuck_out_tongue:

roflmoa - can’t wait for him to see this!!

Great tank wasp - no more need for tv :cool:

Nice tank, think you got some really shy fish;)

Ta sherrie:D it looks small in the pic’s but it is quite big…give it a few days and hopefully it’ll be full of neons…for the kid’s of course:P

Thats far too good looking to be Terry:Whistling:

Where’s Nemo?;):hehe:

That really does’t look small in the pics, it looks huge :w00t: Could go for a swim in there :smiley:

:hehe: Your on my list Wasp ;):stuck_out_tongue:

:P:P:P:PWhat along with my partner in crime! Blade had me in fit’s last night we both said it looked like you at the same time lol:D we love ya really;)

HA HA…the kids said “mum why u got an octapus in the tank” i said “nah, looks like ET”, then i looked at Wasp, and we both looked at the tank again, then looked at each other, burst out laughing, and said “No we KNOW who that looks like” LMAO !!! :P:D:P…

And it STILL looks like a TM after a wild night !! :w00t: