terry and tug having a play

i was kidnapped from ace cafe and taken to a seceret industrial estate to film these,



its a bit embarrasin init

can`t keep it up 4 that long can they… bless um

you gona show us how to do it then :

Well ive heard that those to find it hard keepinh it up, it must be there age and im not talking about wheelies either.

i think you both done very well!!! a big round of applouse for you.xxxxx

looking good its all fun

Its all about the smilies you have while doing it Stunting is fun but at the same time I would never do it on the road

Looking good lads, just need the pink leather suits and you’ll be ready to take the show on tour.

I reckon terry was cheatin in the 1st vid, must of had a few bricks in that top box

damb ur secerets out terry…

Iv pulled better wheelies on a child’s tricycle

you should see my dream ones there brill!!! and adams standing on the pavement for a change!!!lol lol !!!

this you later on ?


yep thats about right hun!!x

I blame the camaraman, I’m sure they were higher than that, think he photo shoped em

Thats it I’m back out this weekend with helium in me front tyre

It’s all a bit of fun and I’m luvvin it, If we keep practising, 1 day we mite get as good as Adz & KitKat

you doing well terry, bit by bit mate.

Or you end up in bits…

Its all my fault aint it…

yup its all ur fault adz ur a bad influence, its just a shame i cnt actually wheelie my bike properly,