terrible news


r i p

My thoughts are with the families.


Sounds disasterous. RIP fallen riders…


Take care out there folks…

[qoute removed as may be offensive]

RIP fellow bikers.

Sad news indeed. My thoughts are with their families. RIP

my thoughts and prayers are with them and their familly’s…

RIP Brothers!!

not so smiled.

with sincere sympathy to all involved.

ok, lets NOT have any snipes at any poles on here please.

R.I.P riders, we are thinking of you. x

OMG that’s just down the road from me.

RIP those riders, just bystanders, hope I dont know them! Most peeps I know are out tomorrow.

Lates news.

One man arrested on two counts of causing death by dangerous driving.

Can You live polish in peace? What an idiot wrote this. Wanna bet who is not drinking longer pufta?

RIP, I am with his family…

I got home to a text message & voicemail asking if I was ok, first I’d heard of it until i looked it up on bbc news

If the driver of the othe vehicle was in any way to blame I hope that they get punished to the maximum extent possible whatever their race/nationality/sexual persuasion etc

R.I.P. fellow motorcyclists

RIP fellow bikers, sad news indeed.

As i’m from Enfield that hit home.

R.I.P. fellow motorcyclists

My thoughts are with the families

Absolutely. There’s a few of us around Enfield, obviously I hope we’re all OK. It’s awful enough without it being one of our own, although as bikers, that’s exactly what they were. RIP guys.

Been up and down to Enfield every day for that last week normally at that time of the morning.

It’s hard to hear of such major accidents as this, whilst we all know the risk we also know that that risk is not typically at it’s highest on a motorway in free flowing traffic.

Lets just hope that the convoy of bikes did not contain anyone we knew personally especially as the news reports are now stating that the dead guys were from Enfield and Ilford.



It hit me a bit when i heard it was a local rider.


Amen to that.

What a waste…