Terrible luck

So I found out yet again that the pavement is unforgiving… road rash+cuts and bruises+a broke leg. All because I had a little oily water from a gutter on my back tire.

This bike brings me nothing but bad luck, oh and the odometer is at 340 miles.

A broken leg! Ouch! What happened exactly?

Well I started off fine but when I gave it some gas the tire hit the wet/slick spot and slipped out and I hit the ground hard. I was only going about 25 but man that sure was fast enough to get hurt pretty bad.

This is catch up for all the times I shouldve wrecked when I was doing dumb things on my 600.

ow ow ow!!! Where was that (so that we can all go a different route ) ?
Get better soon!

that is quite a few that have dumped it already this year… hope the leg heals up quick!

sods law innit glorious weather and you manage to find some liquid. I know what its like to break a bone mate so my thoughts are with you. take care and speedy recovery.

ouch!!! Get well fast… Sumer is upon us…

A big ouch mate, sorry to hear of your fall.

I know how you feel as I dumped mine on Friday, although I was fine.

Hope the leg is ok soon.

We should start a crash thread for all of us unfortunate ones!

ya know what?..its my fault guys…after being the king of offs last year, my bad luck has jumped from me too all of you…

sorry…but rather you than me now guys…

hope you mend fast mate…chin up…

nice smiled nice.

oh sorry to hear that matey!

Hope you get better soon Mate!!!

Talked to the insurance guy today… he says it looks like it’s totaled, and I wanted to sell it.

Seems like its a bad month for you…bike…girl…lets hope you get better soon…get the bike sorted…Drei made sense…you can get the bike sorted out without much loss, depending if you still want it? What ever you decide to do, hope you get yourself back on track…in more ways than one

ouch indeed! get well soon

sorry to hear that, hope you heal quickly.

I heard that 7 bikers were killed last week in seperate incidents around lake district or somewhere.

It seems that the sun comes out and everyone goes a bit crazy.

I’ll post up the pics of my smashed R6 and perhaps it may stunn some of those crazy bikers into taking more care. I was only doing between 30-40, accident not my fault, but my bike and I both got smashed up.

Hasn’t put me off biking though will never be able to ride a sports bike again.

Hello darling !!! well how the hell are U ?? Why has it stopped u riding sports bikes girl? We heard u had the off but then it went quiet?..know what u mean about the bike?..smashed mine up pretty bad too last june…smashed my knee in…hit a pothole at 40/45mph and went over like a trapeze artist…ended up in middle of roundabout tumbling along in sync with my bike…both doing same !! Good luck there was no cars coming round the other side and that the middle was grass not concrete, but i fractured my knee and while i got bike fixed up and back on it within few months, my knee is not fixed up still…just started intense physio on it…hard work but like you, i wont give up riding …just yet. Tell the truth, its not ME that wants to give up…but its the way other bikers act that is MAKING me think about it? Its true…there are more people out there riding that i really think shouldnt be !! But then you get them you get car drivers…seem to come from same mould…

Anyway, how ARE you???

Sorry to hear that, get well soon