Well in preparation for some camping later this month and next I got my old tent out. Think it is well past its best.

As it is such a long time since I bought one, what recommendations do people have for make, and model?

Looking for a 2 man tent, with some sort of sheltered area for cooking as lets be honest the average British summer is rather wet.

if your planning on camping whilst on the bike then I guess a big tent is order of the day. If you are driving all your kit around then get a small two man tent (£9.99 thing does the job) and get a halfords pop up 6X6 foot gazebo perfect for rain or sun :slight_smile:

I have one of these and it has been great…even in heavy rain.
Packs away small enough to carry on back of bike:

Vango Omega


+1 for Vango tents i got mine last year and impressed with the design ,size ,ease of putting up and weight.

I have the north face fat frog. It’s as close to a perfect biking tent that I can think of. Area for gear, doubles as a place to cook, easy to put up, freestanding, can pitch without rain sheet, not too bulky, and the best bit

It’s orange!

Can’t recommend a specific tent as we don’t do camping on the bike but check this site http://www.gaynors.co.uk/productlist.asp?catid=2112

when you’ve decided what you want. They often have sales on. Have used them in the past for a rucksack, it turned up the next day.

I have a Tatonka Kiruna 2 man tunnel tent. It’s lightweight and packs down small enough for the bike.

Pricey but you get what you pay for…



i went for a 3 birth as it allows room for me and all bike gear,i think 1/2 man tents are tiny as once your in you realise theres not alot of space,has a ‘porch’ both sides and groundsheets so ideal for cooking and storing stuff.other than what it looks like i’d be more bothered about pack size and weight for when your on the bike;)

I’ve had 2 shite tents from halfords so I’d avoid but Im sure others have got them just fine. Just recently got one from millets but haven’t used it yet

Have to admit we favour the Vango’s, they do a huge range so something to suit everbody.

He have a couple of them once for camping when on the bike and another bigger and heavier one for when we take the car. Very pleased with both of them.

I would lend you my three man vango tent but its rather big and you cant cook in it as the massive porch area is completely enclosed.
I would definitely get a vango tent again if I ever need to buy a new one

another vote for Vango here, got a 2 man last year, packs up nice and small, but woulnd’t fit 2 people plus kit, just about does for me +kit

You’ll get what you pay for, this ones cheap and probably nasty but …

Readily available off the shelf
Just £29.99
At 1.8Kg it weighs in less than a bag of sugar
It’s a pop up, erects in less than a minute

Must be worth a look, just how easy it transports on a bike is unclear from the video link, looks to pack down into a large disc shape



SportsDirect are doing a decent-ish tent for 14.99


Just airing out my Vango Halo 3 man tent after the IOW Festival and it stood up to all that rain on sunday very well.

I got it from Go Outdoors in basingstoke but they have stores all over the south. Its also small enough to put on the bike and very easy to assemble.



got this one its big enough to get the bike in as well :slight_smile:

4 man … loads of room if going to be wet and tent bound …

and it packs small

( green bag on back )

can even get bike in porch area lol …

at this moment couldnt tell you the name … was from millets

will update

After a couple of bad experiences with a ridge tent quite a lot of years ago I invested in a very good quality and lightweight tent from Terra Nova, called the Solar 2.They are expensive but you can occasionally get them a lot cheaper than the RRP if you keep your eyes open.

I also have their Quasar ETC for when we are travelling by car. Had it around 15 years, used in all weathers, still going strong with no repairs needed.

Alex Gold (15/06/2011)

SportsDirect are doing a decent-ish tent for 14.99

http://www.sportsdirect.com/campri-scout-2-tent-783197 [/quote]]

The tesco one’s for £9.99 are better than that tbh mate as they are double skin (meaning on a warm night you can open the front but bugs/mozi’s can’t get in and also when it rains (as it did heavily at IOW) the water won’t transfer onto your duvet/sleeping back like they will with that one.

Tim - have you got a family of six on holiday with you in that tent? Or a harem? :D:D