Tentative Learner Legal ride idea to Butser neolithic farm

(Update 2007-07-28)

A Learner Legal ride to Butser Ancient Farm http://www.butser.org.uk/ Sunday July 29th. This is 85 miles from Charing Cross each way, 52 miles from Ryka’s, I expect a good lunch will be in order half-way.

11:00 meet at Ryka’s Boxhill, depart 11:30 latest, ETA Butser 14:00.

Jimc (leader)
Guiliano (tail-gunner)
Edc (Jim’s youngest 'orrible)
Stu SV (Observer)

Route: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/lbrides/butser/

David Freeman will talk about and show his Iron Age weapons and even a chance for adults to make one !
There will be Roman soldiers from Legio II Augusta

Great idea but I am in the Isle of Man for the TT until 14th June

It appears the only sensible date is July 28/29, I’d plump for Sunday 29th…

I don’t think she will find an excuse for that date

Looks good

If all goes to plan I will not be learner legal by then - I may make my way independently whatever.

Nice idea mate and good diea to limit the numbers too.

As I’m already going on this weekend’s ride I won’t sign up for this to give others the opportunity, but closer to the time I might be able to find an excuse to just “happen” to be at Butser’s on the day…

I’d love to but that is the rock and blues weekender

Is there still interest in this o nthe 29th July? Jackie (whose birthday is the 29th) and I are keen to go, and although I am no longer learner legal, I am more than happy to lead some novices down from somewhere in or around SW London. It wouldn’t be a too early start as we have a civil partnership ceremony to attend the day before.

Jackie and I will be going to Butser on the 29th - is anyone else interested? If so I will do some work on planning a route, some stops etc. My plan would be to meet up at Rykas then go to Godalming, Haslemere, Petersfield with no A3 at all. Riders who want to travel there directly or who don’t want to stick to the pace can make their own way there. Please post here if you are interested so I can see if it is worth organising anything.

While out yesterday doing a recce for this ride there was a thunderstorm at home which blew my main modem/router to shreds, so haven’t been able to get on-line much…

The ride is on, Sunday 29th, 11:00 meet at Ryka’s Boxhill, depart 11:30 latest.

Very few main roads, lots of lovely B and U/C roads, but we will be doing the Midhurst-Petersfield stretch of the A272.

Ride distance 52 miles, will take about 2 hours riding with an extra half-hour refreshment stop midway, so we’ll get there about 14:00.

The idea is for this to be for just learners and/or for those who have just passed DAS and/or those who feel they’d like a ride that isn’t flat-out so they can improve their other skills on the road.

Experienced tail-gunner requested!

Garmin route: http://www.wotmeworry.org.uk/lbrides/butser/butser.gdb

Thanks Jim for doing more work ion this.

I have never run tail gunner before, but am prepared to help out with my very visible bike! Otherwise I am happy to do any marking or blocking as required.

For others who might not be confident on how to get to Ryka’s I am happy to meet up somewhere beforehand south of the river and lead people down there.

Yes I want to come on my lil’ 125

First post updated.

Jim, where the devil have you been? We’ve missed you

Me please too

Wow - cool Debz - nice one!!! unfortunately I would volunteer to be tail gunner but will be away in spain on a stag weekend that day…

Trisckie - do you need leading down to Rykas? Jim might be better placed than me to meet up with as you are both coming from the same direction.

Ohhh yes that would be helpful .

I’m up for this if you need cornermen, or back marker etc