tennis elbow and motorbikes

bad news,
the spring is here and i just got told by my doctor not to ride my bike , as i have got “tennis elbow” and it will make it worse:angry:
any one else had this how long for it gets better or will the xjr1300 have to change to a scooter?

Just strap it up and ride easy you should be fine

Don’t grip the bars, relax on the bike; tennis elbow is caused and made worse with gripping too hard. Larger grips may help.

maybe i can fit power steering:P?

Yup had the same diagnosis from my doctor , i went for the ride the bike and suffer the pain bit … couldn’t be without my bike ! .

Mind you the cortisone injection worked a treat .

I suffer the tennis elbow thing but have to ride for my job. I have had it for months, it is getting better and mostly because I keep my arm straight while I sleep as this helps the muscle relax and recover. Cool pads also help and a support sometimes. Just rest it as much as possible and use your other arm to lift the pint pots :wink: