Tenants rights regarding weather

does anyone here work for a housing association to the point they could direct me as to whether we could be entitled to double glazing?

Used to work for a London Borough in housing, and “no”.

Legal requirement is dry, secure and housed in sanitary accommodation with adequate facilities.

Brought down to simple terms, a 1945 prefab to original spec. complies with the legal requirements.

I could probably make a decent sized garden shed comply with a bit of work.

do you live near heathrow…they will do it for free if you do…well if your on the flight lines i think…not 100% sure

But if not go and get some of that stick on double glazing plastic, it is supposed to be really good for the price. It reduces condensation and reduces heat loss…good diy stores have them…

Maybe if you could develop some type of medical problem - they would have to fit it.

Or just put a jumper on if you’re cold.

literally our place is so cold that within 30mins of the heating going off you would not know it has even been on.

and believe me I’m doing all I can possibly afford to close holes, and drafts etc etc, but it just is not making a dent, the only thing left is the windows they are all old sash windows as well…

Mate, if you’ve got kids primary school age, then monitor the room temp of the main sitting room, and their bedrooms over a fortnight then go see the family doctor. Explain what the place is like to him and say it makes the kids ill. He should then give you a letter for the relevant housing association with his medical recommendation. That should go a long way to helping you.

Try that, or if you have already spoken to the association threaten them with legal action. Putting the two together normally gets some form of response.

If you dont have kids then try asking for a house improvements grant, I think they still do them.

Is the loft insulated?

Mrs CM is a scheme manager for a housing association.

I’ll have a chat with her when she comes in;)

it is only a tiny lift but yes it is insulated.

however one of the bedrooms I think is a loft conversation, and there is a cupboard to the water tanks, and as there are breathing whole in the roof this basically leads straight into the bedroom.

thanks for the advice, I have 2 kids, 1 is 6 the other 17 months… so I will start doing this straight away.

Have you approached them with your problems & concerns? & if so what was the outcome? You could ask them if you are to be included in any future regeneration projects?

I don’t know if this applies to housing associations, but councils are bound over by Gov regs to something called “Decent homes” which must be implemented by I think 2012.

The basics of this are: windows, kitchens & bathrooms. Also if you are having problems with them, get in touch with your local councillor.

lol thanks for this, you must have missed out on my previous posting of how useful my housing association it…

basically, chocolate teapot springs to mind.

I basically wanted to see where I stood regarding the windows before spending the next 6 months of my life on the phone constantly to them until they can be bothered to find a workman who actually turns up and does the job rather than turning up and going! er I cannot do double glazing I’m plumbing only (believe me similar has happened)

I’ve had a chat with Mrs CM and she has echoed what has been said about "The Decent Homes Charter"In this charter, one of the features is ensuring the housing stock provides a reasonable degree of thermal comfort to the tenant.She said you should contact the Maintainance Officer for your housing trust and enquire whether there is an ongoing schedule of improvement. your property would have been inspected and an HHSRS survey report done.The Department for Communities and Local Government expects all social housing to be ‘decent’ by the end of March 2014. The trust should have this work scheduled and available for tenants to view.Hope this helps :slight_smile: