Tempting Fate?

Fitted R&G crash posts this morning, hope I’m not tempting fate.

Maybe fate will ignore me or decide it was precautionary :w00t:

Better safe than sorry. :wink:

That was my thought in getting them.

Definitely worth it! How much did you pay? I paid £150 fitted for R&G bungs on my R6, think I overpaid :frowning:

£150!! That’s alot of money…

Dealer took me for a ride Paul! This was my first real bike I bought and I had no idea how much they were worth and I thought since I was buying the bike they’d do a deal on the accessories…

Its a pain, for sure. Learn from it and ask here next time :slight_smile:

Unfortunately some dealers do take the p*ss, but they will learn in the end when they have no loyal customers left.

Sounds like you might have learned from it Raquib .

That was a touch pricey.

prices differ from bike to bike, Paid £90 for the bungs from sound distribution, and fitted them myself. wasn’t hard although knocking the engine bolt through was worrying

Yup defintely learnt from it. Now shop around before I buy anything just so I get an idea of prices. Avoid Motorcycle Store in Shepherds Bush!