Tempted to upgrade


Currently on a 2012 Hornet. Love the bike, I’ve done track days, tours of Europe and I use if for commuting.
15k on the clock, good condition with a couple of minor scuffs from an off. However I have been eyeing up those litre bikes, 3 years on 650/600 bikes has left me hankering for something bigger.

I have just seen this for sale down the road from me. Just wondering if anyone had any comments on what I need to look out for? I reckon I can get £2.5k to £3k for mine, so I see it as a direct swap. Smaller newer bike, for bigger older.

Any pitfalls I need to look into? Or anything about this bike that screams run away?

Cheers all.


We’ll need a bit more information than that to advise. Moving from a 600 to a litre bike for road riding you won’t have to do as much. That may or may not bother you. You can just leave it in 3rd and twist and go, whereas on a 600 you have to work for the reward.

Also if you like red lining you can do that on a 600 in 1st and 2nd (if you are brave) on the road. On a ZX10 the red line in 1st is about 109mph.


possible anti spam has prevented a url post? what is the bike?


Ah yeah. The spam filter caught it so makes no sense!

These are the details of the bike:

HONDA CB 1000 R-9 For Sale In - HPI Checked, MOT, 3 Months Warranty & Nation Wide Delivery

5x Owners In Total. Full Service History. 8 x Stamps In The Book. 2x Keys & All Doc’s Present. MOT Till 20/03/2019. Heated Grips. Screen. Rear Hugger. Steering Damper. Short Levers. Gear Position Indicator. HPI Clear. P/X Welcome. 33k miles.

Had a look on the weekend and all looks good. Apart from obviously the miles are very high, and no ABS.


Check out if the fuel position sensor has ever been replaced. IIRC some of them have a problem with it going wrong but you can’t buy just the FPS from Honda, you need to buy a new set of throttle bodies which is £1200 plus fitting.