Temporary Motorcycle Storage

I’m after secure storage for just over a month. Any recommendations in London? I see OMC do it, anyone used them?


loads of people have used them, recommended. 

There’s also Scorch motorcycle services up in Watford too

OMC is your best bet but Matt turned away someone when i was there as he didn’t have space.


Not a reccomendation, just a Google search.


Not a reccomendation, just a Google search

Thanks, I saw those too, but the last comment on this post put me off:


You thought of using a container or self storage units?

Self storage units don’t usually let you store vehicles.


30 miles south of London but nice and secure…

When I had asked years ago one chain said they would only store them.if bikes had petrol and (I think) oil removed

I was also asking around London regarding storing a bike in a self-storage a few months ago. All of them said petrol must be removed, one said ALL fluids (engine oil, brake/clutch fluids, etc) must be removed. In the end, I didn’t need it, but I wonder if they would even bother checking your petrol tank. One also said in addition to the insurance you have to buy from them, you also have to have the bike insured to at least TPFT.