Tell us what got you into supermoto and why

In my case from very young age i have always been passionate with motocross bikes and had all kinds of them, these bikes best suited the fact that where I used to live in Italy the best shortcuts to avoid traffic and plod was through fields and unpaved roads

Eventually when I landed my first 9 to 5 after my army service, going to work in a suit with just a windproof jacket on and no helmet!! because in them days they were not complusory in Italy, well the enduro bike was right at home for me and many of my mates, low maintenance cheap on petrol, and great for escaping traffic queues, with the only problem being knobbly tyres would wear out quicky on tarmac, but Pirelli are cheap there so…

Then one day I saw this odd looking trailie bike with small road slick wheels and a great big fork and i thought WOW look at that! I gotta have one, so a few years later I got my first CCM dual sport with zookee engine and loved it… didn’t have it long because CCM went bust and the dealership would no longer support any warranty jobs, I was forced to sell it but was really mad with myself about it and waited another year hoping to find a reliable bike from a more stable company.

To be honest money was not the issue when I was considering buying my next supermoto and I really fancied one of these full-on SM bikes like Huskies, Husabergs or KTM, which are all gorgeous and PROPER SUPERMOTO, but I wanted something that I wouldnt have to service every 1000 miles or whatever as I am no good with these maintenance things, (I always get someone to do it for me) so when the first XT660X was released I rushed to Infintiy (and beyond) and had a test ride. Went straight back home, ignored gf and cats and started ringing every yammy dealer in town to find the best deal and in the space of a week I got one and never looked back ever since.

I love my XTX and the fun that the bike has given me and still gives me every day. And although I had a few problems with it (gear selector seized and mashed up every gear in the box), and the ECU and throttle position center thingy both went blink, but while these issues were fixed, the YAMAHA after sale customer support, coupled with the exquisite courtesy of George White meant that on both occasions they have always given me a brand new demo bike to get around with. So far I have had the chance to play with a new FZ6, an R6, an XT660R, and now this funny MT-03, so I can’t complain.

So… what is your story?