Teckkie Prob - Help!

Not sure if its my computer here at work (though wouldn’t suprise me if it was!) but today I keep getting kicked out and having to sign back in???

Is someone trying to tell me something. And no, before you ask - I didn’t click ‘Sign-out!’

Am (as you can prob tell) not technically minded!

Thanks guys

Luv Christine x

Did that to me this morning too, not sure what the login time out is set for on the board - cue Jay

Oh and can also be cookie settings too - and not the choc chip variety

it done that to me as well i just restarted my pc and all ok (for now) thinking about going down the ace tonight never been before what time does everyone get there and til what time

There was an issue with the site earlier, but I’ve fixed it now, it’s possible it was related as it was an odd problem. Let me know if the problem persists.