Technically a newbie!

I joined LB years ago but, because I no longer had a bike of my own I started to feel as If I was missing out. All those mmets and rideouts and I couldn’t play.:crying:
Anyway much time has passed and tomorrow my brand new toy arrives. So, here I am again, sniffing around, seeing who’s who and what’s what.:slight_smile:

oooo welcome and congrats…wot ya getting and can i have a go :smiley:

GTR1400, got it as a replacement for the car, as I do a lot of work in town. Told the missus it would save a lot of time in traffic. Took a demo out for a run into London and the reality is that it’s a bit like riding a high speed barn door. The bike is a meter wide witht he panniers. Still, the grin on my face when I got home said it all!:smiley:

nice one, welcome to lb