Tech3 lorry kills rider

This is bad news.
R.I.P to the rider.

How tragic. Condolences to the rider’s family.

Read the comments, once again it’s the riders fault :rolleyes:

jeez thats shocking!

Terrible stuff … though how fast does a French lorry reverse to do that to a biker? I guess the biker was panicking moving his bike and the lorry knocked him, poor chap.

I got knocked off once by a van in similar circumstances, I always give them a really wide berth now where possible.

Lorry driver was a bit of a [email protected] in this situation, made a big balls up.

bullsh1t, is what me and Jaime think. i find it surprising that this was fatal. a) rider must’ve stopped to close b) did the rider not think at any point “oh sh1t, i better get off my bike as this truck is reversing into me and probably didn’t see me”

like another lb’er said it’s rider’s fault, end of, lets stop being victims. trucks are slow, and if it was fast then the rider should refer to his/her stopping distance, which would’ve been taught to him/her on doing his motorcycle test.

go on crucify me all for saying this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fook em…Throw the book at em

MotoGP Tech3 team are there just to make the numbers up anyway…

A lorry of that size shouldn’t be foooking reversing without someone getting out and helping back it back…Riders fault? What a big class 1 reversing over him he probaly didn’t have a chance to move? driver should of known better…reversing up a motorway?? whats it say about that in the highway code??forget the stopping distance… lorry drivers fault end of

As said - the guy probably thought he could paddle backwwards or something - but the trucker put his foot down and before he knew it the thing was on him - the weight and momentum of the truck would have been horrific - like being steamrollered.

Strange and f*cked up accidents can happen to anyone.

Have you been reading that pleasure and pain thread again? :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit strong there Anna’n’Jaime … that big truck and custom trailer looks a bit different from the norm, with very a low trailer base. After the shock of it reversing, then grabbing your bike front tyre, pulling it under, bike falling on your leg, crushing it on top of you … not what you’re expecting I’m sure, all within a matter of seconds perhaps if the bikes parked too close.

Its the trucks responsibility to ensure all’s clear behind… the size of that thing it could have been a small car being crushed!

All good to learn from though, and in hind site easy to avoid by staying further back from such dangerous vehicle and stupid drivers.

Lorries of that size, any size even, should not be reversing without a banksman. Especially at the toll booth que when vehicles are clearly gonna be behind and bunched up waiting.

When a large vehicle starts backing towards you there’s not a lot you can do it’s frightening, causes panic and happens much quicker than you’d think. Would you throw your bike down and run out the way in time?

Poor chap had no chance, yes he should have stopped further back maybe but who expects a big basterd lorry to start backing up when it’s that close to the toll booth

Poor sod would of looked like a copy of the MCN with that thing going over him

don’t listen to anna shes on the rum again :smiley:

stopping distances don’t really apply when waiting in a queue, do you leave a 10mtr gap between yourself & the car in front of you at the lights ?

What an idiot, how can he not of expected someone to be behind him in a queue?

I was following a tanker on Factory road once, when it just stopped, I pulled up behind thinking he was letting someone past from the opposite direction. Then the dreaded reverse lights came on, he’d just missed his turning. I didn’t think I’ll just jump off, I starting paddling backwards like a mad swan and beeping the horn. Lucky for me he stopped in time.


Sorry Anna, but I think that’s a load of b*llocks. If you leave a long enough gap, some twat will just pull into it! It is a freak accident, let’s all learn from it. And I think chazhead’s comment was a sarcastic one. Can’t believe you are blaming the rider :blink:

I think it’s pretty tragic and must have been awful for the rider. If we try and be mindful of this maybe we can give ouselves a better chance if it ever happens to us.

It was :slight_smile:

Very tragic… Can’t see how the poor rider can be proportioned any blame whatsoever though, he was in queue for Christ’s sake, probably trying to get his toll money out…nobody would expect a 10 ton lorry to start reversing back at you… A crazy impatient reaction moment by the lorry driver that took some poor souls life… just a very very sad incident

I think it’s a bit of both tbh. the driver shouldn’t be reversing without a banksman and the rider should have stayed either side of the lorry in view of the drivers mirrors.

I drive vans without rear view mirrors (only side) and it infuriates me when people on small bicycles/motorbikes and smart cars park right up my rear to the point where they dissapear from my line of site.

the old saying goes… If you can’t see my mirrors then I can’t see you.

I’m not saying that the rider was in the blind spot but it is a possibility. Both to blame IMHO.

either way RIP. It is a horrible way to go:ermm:

Oh and yes, Anna and I were on the sauce last night so please don’t be too harsh. that’s why I decided to wait untill today to post.

the milli second I saw a big trailer reversing towards me, I would dump the bike and run like fook…

Even though the lorry driver shouldnt of reversed, how the hell did the biker not react quick enough…

a freak accident indeed.