Team PowerRangers reporting...



Very nice. :slight_smile:

very clean lol now get them sliders scuffy:D:D:hehe:

Nice one fella :slight_smile:

They match your barnet:D

All you gotta do now is learn how to ride :wink:

No way… I wouldn’t want to because one of those pretencious prick that leave near me and ride italian red bikes thinking that are all that when all they are is aging fast… :smiley:

£122 on fleebay… Maybe the best eal I ever got from that place :slight_smile:

sure fire proof of a mid life crisis…

buying something red and shiney…;).


You see Shane… We sometimes agree on things :smiley:

I may be older than you guys but i would still have to wait for you to catch up:D

Nothing wrong with a mid life crisis, it comes to us all but it depends how it comes to you, you might start fishing:w00t:

Now bog off and leave my baby alone;)

PMSL, nice sandles :smiley:

PMSL, well spotted Stace :laugh: Not a good look frenchie!! Hate those things at the best of times but on a bike with leathers!! :sick:

Hahahah too funny! I spotted them as well but you beat me to it Stace x

That’s it, beat the Frenchman whilst he’s down! :hehe:

I would let you know that they are Crocks…:stuck_out_tongue:
Had to go in the house to get the camera after my ride so…

Now, now. Don’t try to justify the wearing of dodgy footwear.
Maybe you should try this site: domain name is for sale. Inquire now.


Now that is interesting but only on Thursday nights…:w00t:
By the way, how do you know about those? Alex told you?:cool:

And people, can we concentrate on the fact that I am very proud of my purchase of a set of Kangaroo Wolf leather for £122 delivered… :slight_smile:

…and crocks…

Well done on the flea bay deal though that is a top buy!