Teahut Tuesday

anyone fancy going up there this evening?..

its gonna be dry and everything…lol


which one mate and what time you gona be ther from:D

should be safe at blackheath, wide open spaces, no trees for people to pounce, eh shane :wink:

Would have loved to but it’s been hissing down here since 7pm.
Have a safe dry evening folks.

Damn, I didn’t see this earlier.
I just got home now. I did one of those where I was riding home from work, then when I rode up to my road, I decided it was just too good, so kept going on until I got lost :stuck_out_tongue:
Eventually got he A233 down to Westerham (those last few corners on the downhill always get me, I really need to go back there more often and practise them), then B2024, B269, bloody lovely roads!! Why have I not found those before?

Damn, me too - I would’ve been up for that had I seen this post… had one of those ride-home-and-then-just-keep-going evenings, too!

Anyone fancy it on Saturday (weather permitting)?

If you go left at the B2024/B269 back down Titsey Hill (notoriously steep back in my childhood lol) and follow the B269 through Limpsfield (there’s a left - 100 yds - right on the A25), Limpsfield Chart - Crockham Hill - Four Elms and then turn left north to Toys Hill - Brasted onto the A25 again, you’ve got a nice little ride on some of my favourite roads. Always makes me laugh that the B roads in Surrey seem to have a blanket 40 limit, whereas cross into Kent and it’s the national limit… for the same road.

Ooooh - and the Tudor Rose in Westerham does a pot of tea and amazing home-made cake for £3.70.

Splendid! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips there. I’ve been riding around there a couple of times, but don’t really know the roads. I’ll definitely go back one weekend morning to do some more exploration.