tea leaves caught in the act

At around 3 this morning my triumph 675 and three other bikes were parked up in the fire station where i work in guess where NORTH LONDON (shock). there was a niga, super blackbird and sv 650.

One off the off duty lads was coming back from a night out and caught two lads in the bays with a third lad sat in a van in the car park who being a coward took off as soon as he saw my friend.

Now this friend managed to grab one of them and lets say educate him due the blackbird being his and we didnt know which bike or bikes they were gonna try for. now i could understand why they tried to take off as this certain fire fighter is 6 foot 6, weighs around 17 stone and is an ex club rugby player and army boxer, so you can imagine how he educated this little soul.

With all the bikes gonna missing at the mo thought it would be nice to let you all know that sometimes they dont always get away with it.

Oh and if the thief is reading this could you please come back and clear up all the claret you left behind. ha ha ha ha ha ha

I love stories with happy endings…

Pass on my regards to your mate!

Good work fire-fighting fella!

Sweet justice. Have the police come by to look into it?

Education seems the way to go!

na no police cant do really. not after his education, might go a bit pear shaped at work

Nice to read these stories and Education is the way forward.

Good stuff mate hopwfully they will think twice before stealing a bike again!

Would have been better if the little scrote had informed the firefighter who his colleagues were, then there may have been three in a bad way instead of one.

one educated is better than none I suppose.

Education is the key, nice one

He he I like stories like that! I hope he felt some pain!

Fairplay just be careful as the little ****s are very persistant and may come back

Damn, fire-fighters rock! Lucky he caught them! Is nowhere safe? Scum-bags!

Surely a sample of the tea leaf’s claret could be unofficially passed to a friendly police contact for a DNA sample ??

If the Stolen Vehicle squad get this they know who to look at/for, maybe check his mobile records and you could quite easily get the whole gang red handed…

he should have told the rest of the lads,could have taken him onto further education

Fire fighters are everyone’s hereoes…cept the pikey thieving gits eh!

Nice one bloke, buy your mate a pint on all of us eh!

Dam right… should take a sample and say you chased them off and one of them fell over and cut themselves…

Have that you little scrote…

Sounds like he has had the best education that a fire man could give out…

Nice one, firefighters are now the nations crimefighters!

Glad your 675’s still with you!

Good to see Trumpton getting stuck in !

Seriously, with my sensible head on (for a change), it would have been a bit better if the large chap had ‘detained’ him for police. may not have been able to prosecute for that job but it may have proved effective if the H/A of the little scumbag had been checked etc etc. Only a thought, but I understand the grief that may have followed only too well.