tea hut on clapham common

Hi people
Just to let you all know a couple of us will be at the tea stall by the windmill pub on clapham common if you are interested friday night from 7pm.
take care ride safe.:smiley:

If your still there bout 2am we might see you there :smiley:

If your up for coming down the Ace, there will be a few of us there :wink:

Anyone up for a quick cuppa at the tea hut at 8.30am Friday?

I’m there anyway with the citybikers lot.

Black very dirty NC29 on a J plate.

I might pop down on the way home, why not :smiley: I’ll be on a black CBF with bits missing (intentionally, I would like to add :P)

It must be a h*nda thing, cause mines got a few bits missing

Mine had loadsa bits missing - then a mix of ebay and Les and I was back on it… ALso a Honda…!!!:w00t: