Tea Hut - Blackheath - Wednesday 8th of June

I will be driving.

Moto-ring, come down and let me rip the piss outta you:)

So this is the third thread up for tomorrow at the tea hut

Well this is the most important as I started it, Smiled can delete the other 2;)

We all meeting at Oakdene tommorow. Will convince them to ride up Tea Hut…Be me and about 10-12 of me pals. Not going BM though. As wanna have a blast on bikes if weathers good… Moto-King

The loud leary one :smiley:

What time you guys getting there?

Will probably pop over around 7 ish. :cool:

FFS Moto-thingy, it’s Jewell you’re meeting. Take more friends.

Genuine Lolz pete.

Do Liverpool FC walk alone? exactly.Anyway we are only going to see this Miss Plum in PVC. Don’t let us down girl :cool:and Pete if that is really your hair then respect. I do like a Mullet you old legend

Should be there about 7:30/8

Moto ring stop making excuses

Woop Woop! :smiley: I like you’re style…best I can do is a wet look swimsuit? No one has donated to “Get Plum in a Latex catsuit” fund yet!

Bin liner and electrical tape


lol your alright Plum i’m only messing :cool:

If it don’t rain we will be there earlyish and we are gonna take over your little tea hut

I’ll show you how the Moto-King rolls :cool:


later :cool::cool::cool::cool:




haha u charmer barry :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant make this one…Ma sheeit aint rolled tight enough and the Gixx will be in peices…I’ll be working through the night, burning the midnight oil …



Blimey i might even try and find this tea hut and savour the full extent of the “love” between you all:w00t:

I’m not paying towards something for nothing

So the teahuts going to be packed with Kent outlaws ha? I’ll go oakdene then

yeah busa beat me by one min last night so i ve decided seeing as no one has replyed to mine iam gonna go to busas blackheath tea hut meet instead and see if its better than mine, i should be locked up the bracton centre realy???

lol :smiley:

Is it going to rain later?