Tea Hut, 8.30ish


Billy F*cking no mates :wink:

who wants to be mates with Fat Allan anyway

Aww don’t worry Rob… I’ll be there. You can tell me all about your holday while wearing your LB (lonely [email protected]) tag round you neck. :stuck_out_tongue:

cannot make tonight, hope it stays dry for those who do go!

How can you be there:w00t: look at the date of my post you tits:D:laugh::laugh::laugh:


lol, post fail!

lol, Well ,dunno about rest of ya, but Ross & Me will be there tonight(wed) :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I’m on weather watch at the mo, it’s peeing down here so I’ll give it an hour and see:D

Anyone who goes should check out Rob’s latest stickers on his bike. Looks like a right sad bastard I reckon. Feel free to take the piss and a cup of tea for anyone who suggests an upgrade in his bike to a CBF1000. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I have seen this Tea Hut. Its that little shed on the A2 by Blackheath?

Is this south London’s answer to the Ace Cafe?!

ace cafe and tea hut are two completely different facilities…

it’s indeed the little hut on the A2 by Blackheath.