Tea at the Hut Thurs eve?

Hey peeps just wondered who would like to join me for a cup of rosie lea up at Blackheath Tea hut on Thursday eve at 8pm? its a nice place for a bacon roll too.:slight_smile:

Take it your buying ? :smiley:

Cheap terrence, thats all you are…:D, might be able to stretch to a cuppa, just for you:)

I’ll give you a shout thursday if I’m coming :wink:

He’ll bring his own flask.

sounds about right.:smiley:

I might pop round for a cuppa and I’ll buy you one Westi, tea that is:D

I might come along hun. Lets see what the weather’s doing on Thursday :slight_smile:

sounds like a plan people, be there or be square! wheres Andyp and chris? :w00t:

if ive finished decorating the girls room, and its not raining we might come along as i cant make BMM this week due to getting tickets and going footie

oh marvelous darlings, well get ya shoes on and come on dahhn!:D, and bring the ol girl with ya too!:smiley:

I’ll join you if its dry:)

oh yes will be marvelous to see you…

i should be there any way so if u see a youngster on a black and blue rg125 gamma 1 in my pic<<<< give me a shout lol:)

lets see how the weather is cos it sounds like it may be a bit wet n windy later…

i will be going only if its dry.

Same here, dry at the moment but very windy.

Anyone going tonight aint been on the bike for ages n now she’s fixed wanna ride her, if so let me know, p.s dont actually no where it is so would be good to meet up wiv sum 1 en route

err i think that might be a no for tonight now!:smiley:

I might ride past after work… wont be til about 9:30, however if it’s raining i’m going home by the most direct route! :hehe:

yea might be a good idea weather looks rather crap!