TBC Brake System

Topic typo it’s the “TCB” Brake System
Anyone heard of this?
It’s basically a little valve that you attach in replacement to your caliper banjo and it seems to know when you’re using wheel locking brake pressure on the levers and prevents the lock up occurring.

Web site:

Some old guy on YouTube talking about it.

It’s an interesting device, but I won’t need one.

Looks interesting, sounds good, sounds to good to be true.

So why are motorcycle manufacturers spending millions on developing ABS?

It stops you locking up the tyres because it introduces a chunk of spongyness into the system, you could get the same effect by fitting an original old rubber brake hose from a 1970s bike.

In the late 90s I bought a grey import TDR250 that had come from Japan & it had a ‘dongle’ on the front brake that did the same thing. It was about the same size as this item & after I took it off I opened it up to find it simply contained a spring backed piston, when you squeezed the brake, instead of the hydraulic force all going to the caliper pistons, it bled off some of it, it was anti-lock system simply cos it made the brakes crap!

This is the same thing, the only thing fitting this would acheive is give you a good chance of winning this years Darwin awards…

Probably as effective as those bomb detectors that people have been flooging to the Iraqis and Afghans that are basically a box with a stick in it.

These two statements from the website strike me as being completely false:“The TCB automatically measures the coefficients of friction/amount of traction from the tires footprint (area of the tire touching the ground) to release the wheel from the point of total lock up which allows the wheel more ability to slip for total braking control.”

“TCB SYSTEM- automatically Increases Rider’s Ability to Brake in a Shorter Distance in both regular and panic stops (by as much as 20% in a panic stop at speeds from 35 mph to 55 mph)”

The Bureau of Consumer Protection would be very interested to read these claims, in relation to what this device actually does ;)(assuming this company/website is based in the US)

It makes your brakes spongy - and that’s it
About as much use as t ** its on a fish

From the 1st of March you’ll be able to do something about the UK hosted sites that make false claims in advertising - http://www.cap.org.uk/CAPServices/Digital-remit-advice.aspx