Taxi nearly wiped me out again

I follow the theory that on every ride i undertake 1 driver is going to try to kill me. Its always stood me in good stead until this morning when 2 attempts on my life was made. After my initial lorry scare whilst filtering it stupidly put me in a more relaxed state thinking my attack of the day occurred. Stupidly 10 mins later a damn Addison Lee people carrier slammed his brakes on whilst i was following him on a bend. No traffic in front, he just had missed his turning and wanted to do a U turn on a tight bend.

This is the second time ive locked the front wheels up in the wet and had a front wheel slide. The thing is ive recovered it every time. My little cbf125 with tiny tyres is very forgiving. It wasnt a little slide but a full on tank slapper. Ive ridden all through the winter with all the ice and snow and I will be so peeved if I get knocked off due to some car driver.

Thanks I feel better now :slight_smile:

Did you jump out and kick the **** out of him?

did it teach you not to follow so closely?

you rode in the ice and snow… ?!?

Ah… so not so much forgiving, as just blind lucky! WIll you buy me a lotto ticket this weekend please? :slight_smile:

Always best to leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front as people regularly slam on their brakes for reasons you can’t predict from being behind them. Just assume it will happen and you can’t go wrong.

If/when you get a bigger bike I strongly recommend getting one with ABS, which makes life a LOT easier for us motorcyclists.

Glad you and the bike were unscathed in these incidents.

I left plenty of room. However as he slammed the brakes on whilst on an apex of a bend and was then 90 degrees by the time i got to him in the wet it didnt leave me with much options.

As for a bigger bike with abs my VFR already has it. However If I would of been on that I would certainly of been down the road. Ive been riding for nearly 20 years and this 125 is the smallest cc bike ive ever owned. Ive never considered riding through the winter before but it makes the process less daunting.

Self preservation

If this type of thing is becoming part of your daily riding experience you really should consider a Bike Safe wotsit, feedback from expert observations on your riding technique might just save your life/mobility.

Can’t stand Arsidon Lee people carriers.

But you’ve got to hand it to their drivers, it’s takes quite a stunt man to handle those 7 seater black boxes; none of these vehicles have working indicators and all have a habit of kangaroos between lanes at random. They also have dodgy clutches which cause prevent them from stopping at lights, hence they just keep creeping forward and forward.
They do fit them with some clever features mind, like the parking tool that drives that car at 5pmh for around 10-50m metre, then launches it into a space on a random side of the road. However, this does sometimes fail and just leaves the car stationary in the middle of the road for an indeterminate length of time. The other cool feature they fit is the instant U-turn button (which I believe you encountered). Once pressed the car will perform a U-turn instantly. Doesn’t matter if the road is not wide enough, it will swing to the left first as needed, or it can ask all other cars nearby to stop whilst it upgrades to a three-point turn. Careful though, this last feature isn’t compatible with motorbikes…

Only once a day does someone try and kill you? wow yes please as Tobi said, can you buy me a lottery ticket.

Don’t knock taxi drivers - remember - we rely on them to get us to and from the hospital fracture clinic and physiotherapy sessions after they have knocked us off and totaled our bikes.

Leaving plenty of space is one thing, but when your looking ahead and theres no traffic or turnings and someone in front just slams on the brakes, it can catch you out.

I see private hire or addison lee on the back of a car and I give an extra wide birth.

The best bit of advice, rather than some of the condescending comments. I think that just expecting that everyone is dangerous and have your thumb over the horn whilst planning and thinking ahead will help


The general rule is… he doesn’t know I’m there until I’ve stared into his face and he’s looked back at me and nodded… unless I get the nod, I assume they have NO IDEA I EXIST…

On a positive note, I got pulled by a copper for blasting a yellow, and his first comment was, I was surprised you didn’t see me behid you as you bikers are normally more observant…

Complement of sorts, but it backs up what we’re saying… car drivers don’t look.

I still vote for the “no seat belts and iron spike in the middle of the steering wheel aimed at the heart” method as the most effective car behaviour controller…

That’s some achievement specially under normal riding conditions.

Get your suspension checked out - if you’ve got a large top box on the back get a steering damper fitted, then get yourself on a Bike Safe wotsit, it’ll save your life/mobility.

You are obviously more of an optimist than me … I believe that everyone is trying to kill me when riding in London… especially mini cabs :slight_smile:

20:20 hindsight is a beautiful thing.

Exactly! Why state hindsight in a scenario that you weren’t involved in? :ermm: