Tax Disk Stolen

How mad am I

Went to clean the bike Tuesday and it turned out to be a bad day.

Looked round the bike and some T**t had ripped off the tax disk

So from then I had to go to the local DVLA office pay £7 for a replacement then £15 for another tax disk holder.

Some people have said to me that I should keep the disk in my wallet, but surely if I do this and park the bike some where that a copper or traffic warden would think that there is no tax on it they would have the bike lifted for no tax.

Do most of you display your disk??

Only had a disk on my bike when i went to the isle of man and on a french trip, otherwise it lives under my seat.

Someone on another forum suggested putting a photocopy of your disk in the holder as it has the number on it which can be looked up by plod, it’s also worthless for someone to pinch… How this would stand up if you got stopped by a particularly stroppy copper who knows… if you were to do that, might be as well to keep the proper one under the seat just in case

Got it stolen from my scoter 3 times! It’s on my wallet now!

i have a photocopy and never had any problems…

original stays at home with all my other documents insurance, registration, etc… and if a plod wants to see it i’ll go to the police station… but usually they just call up there and then…

only ever been pulled once and they checked up… no issues…

photocopy is good and even coppers outside of london understand…and know ur from london.

never use the original… it’ll disappear…

get a colour photocopy if ur really consciencious…

but its a real sh*t…

Thats a good idea about the photocopy, never would’ve thought of that!! Cheers

Ahem, I had a discussion with a copper about photocopies. Displaying a photocopied tax disc is a criminal offence, and can result in a £1,000 fine. He said most of them probably would be OK with it on bikes, but it just takes one who isn’t, and a magistrate who’s in a bad mood as well.

My tax disc is clearly soggy so it wouldn’t be coming out in one piece, so nobody’s bothered so far.

I used my photocopy (black & white) at a Bikesafe course, rode there with small number plate (didnt have time to change it) and they were cool with it…

Maybe over zealous coppers would do you but if you are reasonable and say you’re worried about it being nicked… then fine… as long as u can prove that u havent nicked someone elses and photocopied it then i’m pretty sure that you’d be ok.

touch wood that i dont get some rookie out of the academy trying to prove a point!

I wouldn’t photocopy your disc, you will put yourself up for forgery offences, particulary if it’s in colour. (That’s an arrest, fingerprints and DNA sample)

The DVLA database knows if the bike is tax, and I have never know them to be interested in prosecuting for failing to display.

Keep the disc in your pocket, it saves that 3am phonecall from the old bill asking when you knew it was missing and why is it on a clapped out fiesta.

good idea Tommymac. I’m not keen on the photocopying thing either. Sounds like trouble.

I’ll whip mine off now, while I’m in DIY mood. Watch this take longer than the wheel…

a black and white copy usually goes down ok, because it stands out so obviously that even a magistrate would have to be stupid for thinking you were trying to pass it off as a forgery… had a black and white one in my bike for years without a problem, as long as registration etc are clearyly readable it should be fine

The police can not do you for no tax, they can only report you to the DVLA for the offence. The DVLA will check their records and note that the vehicle was taxed (as long as it was) at the time of the report and will probably not do anything. They may comment on you not displaying the tax disc but you can explain why.

I thought someone had nicked my tax once and then 2 months later I had a letter from Post office that it had been found on the M2 by road crew and returned!! You never know it might have fallen off…though doubt you’d be as lucky to get it back!

My only concern about not displaying the tax disc is, could the bike be lifted and taken away for not displaying a tax disc.

If you get some minnie hitler traffic warden look at your bike and get it taken away??

What’s tax?!?!?!

Even if I had any I certainly wouldn’t put it on my bike, nor would I use a photocopy.

The reason not to display tax is not because it might get nicked (although that is the reason I’d give to plod) but is actually when I park my bike wherever I want and I take the number plate (velcros great!) with me I don’t get a ticket. If I have tax on the bike, they’ll just get the reg no from there! Without knowing the reg no. you can’t get a ticket and I can’t image they would bother with getting the police involved and the bike lifted! Fingers crossed!

Shhh! Now don’t tell anyone! It’s a secret!

You little devil.

I’m not that brave :frowning:

Never had a tax disc on any of my bikes except for the current Gixxer (been meaning to take it off but just haven’t got round to it)… I was under the impression that you had something like 3 days to show any documentation that is required i.e. old bill asks you for proof you are taxed or a driving license etc… then again I could be wrong, although ignorance is bliss…

Keep my task dsk on me in my wallet, never keep it on the PAJ. Never had a problem yet


effectively you are ‘failing to display’.

police merely report you for the offence and a simple PNC check will reveal if your bike is taxed or not.

DVLA will not pursue a fail to display if they know you have it.


I keep mine in my leathers so if someone really feels the urge to see it they can

and the ONLY reason it ain’t on the bike is because you can sod right off if you think i’m forking out the replacement fee…


Same here, tax isn’t shown on my bikes (all are taxed) because it only brings trouble! With the new vehicle/driver databases the Police have available to them, and the impending automated systems that are to be introduced, there’s just no need to display it.

That said, I rode through a tax-check trap in London a couple of years ago, so I’m not quite sure what would have happened there, but I would have thought these traps will become less and less likely to be put in place, and more likely that traps will be setup which use the new automated systems to check more than just tax and pull people for any number of irregularities.

if you leave your bike out on a road without a VEL (vehicle excise licence), you may find that it isn’t there when you come back to it. it depends whether you rely on the PNC (police national computer) being up to date and showing that the bike has got tax. if it is found on a road without a disc, police and DVLA have complete powers to remove it.

remember, if you fail to display, you commit an offence.

also photocopying a VEL and leaving that on display will probably end up with you being arrested for forgery, so that isn’t really an option.