tatty 535 rider

born london , went to africa at age of ten , first bike at 14 a suz ap50 with no lights used to ride it on dirt roads. second bike at 15 another not street legal suz KT120 , agricultural ( or trials ) version B120 but with 3 speed box on hi/lo ratio.

Street legal suz GT50 at 16( mini x7…AR over here ?)( we didnt have pedals or restricted engines) swear I saw 100kmph on the clock down a very long steep hill once , honest.mates had a kreidler florett and a honda 50 with a 90 kit ( naughty)

At 18 brand new 400N eurodream they were called , brother had a 550 sohc4.

came back to london rode the tube and night bus for twenty years. moved to leeds where rush hour is from 5pm to 5-30 and that ten cars in front at the lights max.

did cbt got an sr125 rode that for two months , did direct accessand bought a '92 flat bar virago 535 , been riding that for 4 years.When i came back to london came down on verago then went back up and rode sr125 down which was interesting.

I’m sure modern bikes handle, stop and go faster , but I am not mad on all the plastic.

I lust after bikes from my youth , honda sohc 4 , the 750K6 and earlier , not the F , the 550 and 400 and even fancy the 350 , triple pot strokers for a laugh maybe the suz 380 or a 125 screamer.guzzi lemans mk 1 or moromorini three and a half look sexy.

The 535 has a retro enough look for me with the flat bars , slim enough without looking like a fat american wannabe like the draggie. ( ooops did I say that out loud )

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My first bike was a SR125, then went to a 535, had that for 6 years, then a 650 dragstar for 3 years, now have the xv1600


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