tattoo help

i know that there are one or two tattoo artists on here as well as fans so I wondered if you guys could help.

I am after a tattoo of the word Billy with 2 dates. Its half memorial and half celebration (birth of my son, memorial is for my uncle who passed away a few years ago who my son is names after - dates are their DoBs)

I like the idea of the name in the fancy olde english lettering with DoBs at each end, but im worried it might look a bit “samey”, and i want something different. I have 4 flash designs, so want something personal this time.

I am keen for something different, and thus am quite willing to consider anything design wise. Its probably to go down my forearm, but again this is flexible.

If anyone can think of anything, or any of the artists have any ideas id be really gratfeul. If you can come up with something I like, the jobs yours. Only thing is, budget is about £100. Is this realistic or do i need to re-think? If anyone of the artists want to discuss it with me, pm me your number and ill call you.

Cheers, Leigh

thats the hardest things about tattoos now, everyone wants something different, but everything has already been done.

best thing i can suggest is if you design it yourself

I’d have thought your budget was OK, the script at the top of my arm which is a memorial to my grandparents cost me about £65 when it was done by a tattooist in Southampton last April, it took about an hour of his time to do. I came up with the words and the style of lettering using MS Word and then he decided on the sizing so that it would fit on my arm and still be clearly legible.

You could have a look on the Da Font website to get an idea for some interesting types of lettering, that might help you come up with a design?



thanks for the tips. am completely unartistic myself so not sure about designing it myself. will have a think and perhaps drop you a pm if thats ok tattooistchick?

i think would be best to have 2 differewnt tattos , 1 for each person, only thinking of the dates, you will have you uncles dates and then you kids date and awkward i would think to put it 1 tattoo and seperate, if you get what i mean?.


just had a brainwave, my uncle had very disctinctive calligraphy handwriting. ill try and get a sample, to have the name done in that. that way it will be a tribute to him, but also applies to my son.

thanks guys