Tasted tarmac today

Could have been a whole lot worse…on new bike (aaggghhh) decided to take her up to Finchingfield to get me and her used to some twisties - so …about 2 miles after the B184 starts at the A414 junction on the way to Fyfield.

Came round a bend to be presented with a whole oad of surface water. Luckily I was taking it pretty easy due to the fact I am new to the bike and still running her in. Bit of a blur, but as I went round the edge of the water (am now roughly in the middle of the road) and I went to straighten her up - the front wheel and steering basically went very fast - to the left to the right etc. It did it a few times very fast (must be name for that - but you know what I mean) and I soon lost her and hit the deck :angry:

Next bit was a bit surreal as I slid on my arse - the leather patches doing their job - I was thinking, wow, like these trousers really work in a crash…hmmm (am going backwards) wonder where I am going to end up? Wonder if I should put out my arms to try and slow down…if I do that, it might hurt though…that bit was actually quite fun.

When I stopped, look up to see bike in the middle of the road a bit ahead of me - thankfully no cars had been coming or the bike or me could have been badly fcked! Crash bungs and fairing did their job, with a bent clutch about the only thing damage that wasn’t superficial…though the fairing and top box now look a right mess. :crazy:

Stood in road to warn and stop the traffic in both directions before a guy (biker in a lorry) helped me up the bike and we soon got it going. Decided to knock FF on the head and ended back via the A12/M25 home.

Shoulder and leg now starting to ache so suspect I’ll be pain tonight / tomorrow…

So - one very unhappy bunny wishing he’d stayed in bed!


Happy to hear you’re still here though.

There’s a message to everyone - get your bungs on!
BTW - I think what you experienced is called a ‘tankslapper’ (vid - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZ1srcQMa_0 TT accident)

Feel for you mate.

I’m sure someone more knowledgable will be along to say - but is that what a tank slapper is - and what steering dampers help correct?

That’s it! Though I wasn’t going that fast (or don’t think I was) - me and the bike slid for about 30m before we stopped…

So - next question - what causes those? How do you stop them? First time I’ve ever had anything like that happen…


glad your ok tho.

did you go over any of the surface water? theres a chance if you did that you aquaplanned, similar to a tankslapper except your skimming over the water and not in contact with the road i think this may cause it.

i know the roads up that way very well, there are some bits that can be bumpy, this can cause tankslappers too.

I believe so.

There’s a good discussion about them here - http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic435967-35-1.aspx?

i had a nasty one at 90+ on my old SV6, bike didnt have a damper, and at speed over bumps it would twitch a bit! its often worse the lighter the rider is, from what i know its caused by the front goign light, and with accelration or momentum the front can turn slightly as comes back down from htiing a bump, this small twitch kinda escaltes making the bars go side to side or in some case’s lock to lock.

TLS1000’s were known to slap a bit due to the roatary rear shock, apprently anyone under around 13-14st wouldnt be heavy enough to make it work!:w00t:

i have a factory damper on my SV1000 and they aint much cop being factory dampers, need a proper one!

not sure if the CBF1000 has a damper, i dont think it would, if it has it be under the yokes most likely.

Well…I defo hit the edge of the water (not the main bit) - was though it, and went to straighten up when I it all went tits up…guess I’ll never really know as it all happened so fast and noone was behind me to tell me my exact line…I do remember passing the water and thinking I’d got past it ok, when the shaking started…maybe I aquaplaned and when the tyre reconnected with the road it went tits up - as I had turned the steering - hence the tankslapper?

Anyhow - Smiled - where’s my number? lol

think the water would have to be of a slight depth to cause aquaplane, its entirely possible you hit a bump with bars turned, even slightly this coudl unsettle it enough to go in to slap.

when/if you have an off and you get away without injuirie just pride and machine a bit hurt, its good to sit and think back to what might have happned, i know i have doen this before, tho im a lucky bugger i got away with a lot!:smiley:

your ok fella thats the main thing, on roads like them many dont walk away.

Spot on Ratty - car coming the other way and it could easily be the police trying to work out what happened rather than us. Was very lucky today when all said and done.

Bloody blimey Nick, that calls for a large drink later me thinks, glad to hear you are ok though :hehe:

Very glad to hear that you’re not injured, and at least the bike was rideable home. Poor girl.

Tried to find a pic of tankslappers but this was the best I could find -

A nasty experience, especially as it was your new p & j. Glad you’re only bruised.

Glad you’re ok Blue!:pinch: Does new bike = new tyres?

Ah, now there was a great bike!:w00t:

Ohh Yikes, Sounds nasty with it being so new… :frowning:

Hope you heal soon, could have been alot worse :slight_smile:

Sh*t m8 that’s not the way to spend your Sunday. Real sorry to hear of your off. Glad you’re ok though could have been so much worse. Like the idea that you enjoyed the journey across the black top on your butt … made me smile. Bin there and done that … you’re right it’s a buzz but bloody expensive :wink:

you had a bit of a slapper and not the kind we all like:)

sorry to hear about this,lucky you had sliders on.you can fit a stearing damper that will stop that.i had a mean tank slapper on a cbr 900(cornering and hit an unmarked speed bump at night) and i couldnt tell you how i stoped it.

Hi mate, gutted for you, you where so looking forward to getting that bike!!! Mate glad your ok, was it on the roads we went to the other week??

Shite hope its not to bad!!! Dam wet weather!!! Gotta be careful out there!!

Hope to see her back to good health soon!!! And be thankful you still have yours!!!

Sneaky - tyres were 200 miles in - so guessing they should have been ok?

Rixxy - yeah mate - exactly the same roads - though I took the quick way to Ongar…was going nowhere the speed we were as I knew it was wet and I had seen lots of local floods all morning…just not slow enough I guess. Bike road back perfect - but now has a whole load of scratches to make it look like an old hack…not even made the first service…:sick:

Cheers for the posts guys - now if one of you knows how to stop aching ribs…

Aww Nick
I am really sorry to read this.
I had a tank slapper once on my 600F which caused a bit of stress to me and Joby who was watching…not something I want to experience ever again. Think mine was from too much throttle on the overtake as I was crossing the white line at the middle of the road. Definitely pay more attention to the joins in the road surface now.
I am sorry that you had an accident but on a positive note as far as your insurance is concerned you didnt have one and you are still a good safe rider :smiley: (unlike me who has a tendency to stumble upon unobservant female drivers turning without looking!)
Pleased the bike wasn’t too bad and that you were able to ride it home.
Keep riding
See you soon