that’s what i would wish would happen right now, it’s way overdue, as your well aware lives of officer’s have been lost due to all this on-going, never ending political argument stuff!.
criminal’s have it way, way too easy here in the UK.

we need to fight back!..properly!.
the government needs to stop thinking about care of the criminal more than the victim!.
what a mess!!!.

Sad thing is, even if they had firearms, noone would bloody use em, especially after the whole mendezes (spelling?) incident. Shoot and I mite lose my job? No bloody thanks, i’ll just wait to see if he blows some people up/stabs someone/insert generic crime here before i shoot.

Seriously, dude is under surveilance by police, he is in the country illegally, doesnt stop for police when they ask him, jumps the barrier, dashes into a packed tube carriage…a DAY after the failed bombings. (details may be arguable but i dont care)

Police shoot, then get taken to court for looking out for the safety of the general populace.

If i was policeman, id think long and hard if i really wanted to shoot any firearm in my possession, for fear i mite lose my job (then whose gna pay for the wife, kids, mortgage etc).

Sod that, id jus let some innocent people die THEN ill shoot.

But what about the rights of genuinely innocent people killed by gun wielding loonies in a police uniform?

Drunken Scotsmen carrying a table leg or Brazilian electricians calmly getting on the tube, to name 2 recent and highly publicised examples. These people were brutally murdered by “specialist teams”! If every beat Bobby got a gun, how many will be killed then??

I know our brave policemen are also innocents who get seriously injured or killed by other gun wielding loonies on a regular basis, but I know a couple of guys in the Met (I went to school with both of them) and would quite frankly never sleep again if I knew those two had guns…

He DIDN’T jump any barriers. He DIDN’T run anywhere. He DIDN’T dash. He WASN’T asked to stop!!!

Read the official government report - these were just lies spread by the police via the newspapers in an attempt to cover up the fact that the police involved completely ballsed it up!

I know that there are as many arguments against guns as there are for guns, not least trigger happy donuts working in the Met :stuck_out_tongue: And theres ALWAYS potential for innocents to get killed.

Id still feel a hell of a lot safer if every policeman was armed. Because simply put, i am law abiding and dont **** around with police around. I give policemen the respect they deserve (coming from cyprus, where if you give em a bunch of verbal theyll stick u in the back of the van and kick the **** outta you), and they deal with me in a good way. In fact ive never had a ‘bad’ experience with the plod, for exactly the above reason.

Now imagine if every teenage thug, cretin and waster gave the police the same respect, perhaps pursuaded to do so due to staring down the barrel of a gun.

Better country or worse?

how many police officers been shot and killed or seriously injured in recent years?

how many have died whilst driving police vehicles?

how many members of the public have been shot and killed by police in recent years, innocent or guilty, armed or unarmed?

how many members of the public have been killed or seriously injured in road accidents involving police vehicles??

i think you’ll find its safer to give the police guns rather than cars!!!.

On another note, would the ability for people to legally own pistols and other firearms through licensing improve the situation that we have in the UK with illegal weapons use.

When you’ve seen a kid walking down Streatham High Street on a Saturday night carrying a machine gun like it was a bag of shopping, makes you more than think :crazy:

we should, like the americans, have a right to bear arms, protect our lives & property.
also,…anyone who holds a criminal record (certain offences), should not be allowed to carry a firearm!.
oh i wish i was PM!.

Man I’d love a gun to be honest…

Just incase Mum and Dad get that mouse problem in the house again…Furry muthafu*as

I actually disagree very strongly about citizens ‘right’ to bear arms.

The fact that any idiot out there might have a sidearm on him…
The thought that any disjointed teen could ‘borrow’ his dads firearm and take a trip to his local school/mall…
The ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ factor of, damn everyone else has a gun, i need one too…

Theres no need to make it even easier to buy a gun. Back in my ‘bad’ days, I’ve been offered the chance to buy an AK47, a shotgun, several hand guns, with such ease that it actually scared me. (ive never owned any gun, btw)

I’d rather there were fewer, far far fewer, guns on the streets, rather than more.

now that’s true :wink:

Would this have anything to do with the number of police who drive compared with the number who have guns? Just a wild guess…

mainly the french or all foreigners fair game ? seems like a plan :D:P

i say the illegal’s!..you know the one’s who easyrider has a voice for…

Finally - we’re all agreeing on something! :smiley:

yep, even spark them up too. Simple :stuck_out_tongue:

then they call in the armed response teams ! if you arm every copper then you increase the deaths/serious injuries by firearms…you will also lose good coppers from the force who have allways coped without guns and have no interest in being armed! I have met many police in my time and most of them didnt need guns to do their jobs, some of them though needed a P45! the thought of those people armed terrifies the hell out of me ! a weapon like a taser gives the copper on the beat a “stand off” option where he can subdue an agressive person while at least keeping some distance away, tasers will be useless against firearms unless there is an element of surprise, and knives are as lethal as pistols in close quarters, so a little space is nice :slight_smile: give the police tasers and protect them against the legal consequences of using the taser correctly, but bring them to book if thay misuse them! its a way to give the police some of their authority back .
PS ban skinhead haircuts and make the minimum age 25 :wink:

pps ooops didnt notice the second page :slight_smile:

Good idea.

You be carefull typing so much…ya might get R.S.I :smiley:

Guns just not sure.

the home is your castle…anyone entering without permission including squaters are fair game if they refuse to leave or are up to no good…no more of this crap about safe guarding the criminals rights not to be hurt in the persuit of his crime.

We need laws that clearly show that the criminals are no longer going to be tolerated and that citizens can and are able to defend themselves…mind you woe betide the retributions once that starts to happen…

Only way is to stop them in the first place through education and if they chose to go the wrong way remove them from society…and I dont mean Jail…

But guns hmm another fact not sure what it means in this debate though…the highest number of private guns per capita of head of the population is Switzerland…how many mad swiss murderers do we hear about hmm let me think…non as i can recall…there must be some but not in my recent memory…