Tarted it up a bit

Nice to see my old bike looking so well, and nice to finally see both wheels the same colour…Looking Good :cool:

Nice to see you on here, it’s been ages!

How’s you’re new … ehm … moto? :wink: Not tempted back to the little bikes?

Siper’s globe trotting. How’s it going out there mista(you back yet?)?

Sipermoto… Your posting In the wrong section harley’s are a few sections back:D or you sniffing around for a motard again;)
still got my 2008 head lamp?

Hello Chaps, Driesie i,ve never really been away ,just quietly reading posts now and then , and seeing Cabbie has my old Beasty i thought i would comment on how nice she is looking…Hello Sneaky , im back from Florida and i brought back some Joker Machine goodies for my HARLEY DAVIDSON that im enjoying more and more every day, and i can honestly say im not really missing the Moto,s, as long as im riding , and riding in comfort on 2 wheels im happy…And Mag Dog, yes i still have your H/Lamp, but i think im gonna get you a new one cos when i took off the black number sticker i found a split in the Plastic so i might treat ya…:cool:

Good to hear :slight_smile: Are you still doing the BCR? We should arrange a catch-up at some time! We can compare nice v-twin vibes :cool:
As long as you enjoy it, it doesn’t matter what you ride. Looking at your history though, I’d give it another 2 months before you’ll get bored and get something else :stuck_out_tongue:

And as for the p!sstaking, it could be worse, you could have bought a BMW :hehe:

that cool cos that lamp will sit comfy in carbon :wink:

Honestly mate i can take all Mad Dogs P!ss Taking, I love my Harley and im planning modding it just to keep my hand in…Got my Super Loud Vance & Hines Shortshot pipes, Joker Machine Air Cleaner and its going in for the Harley Stage 1 set up in a couple of weeks…I Promise there will be no Chrome, no Saddlebags, no Maltese star lights, and i WILL NOT be wearing Tassles or Assless Chaps…:wink:

And, YES i shall be doing the BCR, been doing it for too many years to give up now, im just saving up to afford Brekkie at Rita,s…:w00t:

impressive mustaches si:w00t:



does look and sound good tho:cool:

Is that the 45 or the 47bhp version? :hehe:

Only kidding, looking forward to catching up soon and hearing/seeing the beast in the flesh.