Tarted it up a bit

So, a few weeks later and my KTM 525 exc looks like this.

Re-fitted the newly anodised wheels
Fitted new hand guards
Fitted new chain & sprockets
Fitted G-1T sump guard
Fitted supermoto front fender
Fitted new personalised graphics (got “CABBIE” on the number boards)
Fitted new Akro system
Fitted new battery
Fitted battery charging jack plug (saves removing the seat)
Fitted new frame protectors
Fitted new grips
Made new crash bobbins back and front

looking good… Dont like the exhaust sticker though and you should get a hose to wrap round the end to help save the zorst in the event of an unfortunate off

I’ve got the plastic thing for the zorst, the Akro sticker was knackered and that is the only end can sticker I had! I promise to go on eBay now and find a Akro can sticker now :w00t:

Ok, just bought a genuine Akrapovic can sticker (£16.98!) :w00t:

Looks very good and clean :slight_smile:

Now, put back that 2008 smr front fender back on the bike :stuck_out_tongue: and start riding it :smiley:

Didn’t see your name for Swaffham;


Swaffham! I was going to then found out it’s 7 hours drive away :w00t:

7 hours…where you live, middle of France :D:D

Croydon! Google maps said directions 7 hours

cant be not unless its in scotland

Is it
Swaffham, Norfolk just regoogled it and 2 hours 26 minutes

If I go is there a novice class cause I’ve only riden it for 5 minutes and I doubt I’ll get much chance to play in the next 3 weeks?

Just found out where the 7 hours came from, I was looking up a different place, Rowrah :w00t: Alan J asked me to go a few weeks ago.

Ok, just payed and got the last place for Swaffham track day but no taking the piss as it’ll be the first riding it :w00t:

yeehaa roll on swaffham:cool: might even pull my finger out and fit some bling b4 then:D

If you had said it was that much before buying it id have told you to wait out and id see if i could find my spare one at home which you could of had for nout. My bad, should of said on my last post

Good lad, see you there. Im guessing you’ve read the thread and know its open pits. Just ride as easy as you like, you’ve got all day to make one lap :w00t::hehe:

You can rip me for a change there and get your own back old timer :stuck_out_tongue:

Gold star for observation, slap on the wrist for me for not noticing…

Like he said get that 08 mudguard on cabbie :Pedit: http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/bikes-bits-sale/70420-supermoto-front-fenders.html some going here

Personaly i think it would make your bike look crap so you may aswell just give it away and seeing how much i like you id dispose of it for you at no cost… Most people would proberbly charge you atleast £50 to get rid of it

Looking good :cool:

Mine still looks like when I got it, minus a caliper bolt. Must sort that really.

Is anybody doing Lydden Hill any time soon? I’m sure I saw a while ago they had a Saturday trackday in March, but I can’t see it on their website anymore now.

Yummy! Looks good enough to eat!:cool: