Target fixation - load of bllx

You go where you look? So how come I never ended up with my head planted in the pair of tits that caught me eye this morning?


Haha. I too have pondered this. If it were true then I would have ran over about 9784 women since getting a bike (and one bloke on a bike who had long hair and a very feminine bottom but I didn’t know it was a bloke until I was past him…!)

now you’ve got me thinking about some of the great places i would have ended up if it was true !!! :slight_smile:

bluelagos - did you once look at a burger van? this could be the decider…

pmsl - cheeky git!

bluelagos Can’t answer your question but to add to the “just as well…”

The last delightful problem was a white miniskirt in Kidbrooke Park Road. Pity it was at the width restriction barriers. Cost me a new Espace heated wing mirror. That’ll be the whole thing, not just the glass.

So why am I reading menus when I’ve been on a diet for xx years?