Tapping from brake pedal

I have noticed recently that when using the back brake, specifically at low speed, im feeling a slight tapping in the pedal. 

Its almost like the feeling of the ABS kicking in…

Its a 16 plate MT07…any ideas?

Bikes have back brakes? Well blow me down! :grimacing:

sounds like a warped disc…unusual for a bike that new but i guess can happen

Warped disc? that sounds extreme…God sake, im gonna have to take it in and do public transport arent I?!

Have you checked to see the pads aren’t worn out

@Wise I had a look this morning and they look fine.  The bike is like 9-10 months old so I would be suprised.

Get a rubber mallet and lightly tap the rim of the disc on opposite sides [top and bottom of disc not sideways on it] of the disc and do that all around a few times.Then see if the pulse is gone. I have had to do this from time to time on my Aprilia front discs. On mine crap seems to get in and hinder the floating/ centering system thus causing a pulse.

Do you use a disc lock on the rear? They’re known for causing warps

Especially if left on while setting off

I was thinking more of movement in shared parking bays.

Dont use a disc lock on the back, dont park in shared bays, and this morning while playing around with different scenarios, I noticed that the tapping can also happen when static…so now I am wondering if there is a bit of play in the pedal.

Im going to get it up on the stand at the weekend and have a look around, otherwise I will take it in.

Its a 16 plate is there no warranty on it ?

Yeah there is, hence why I will take it straight in if its not something I can sort easily.

Just a right pain!

MT09 Tracer, mine does this too

So what’s the cause? Can’t possibly be a desired feature

I am pretty sure this wasnt happening until recently…

I’ll try the hammer thing when I get home later

It’ll all end in tears

It'll all end in tears
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lol - I'm surprised me groovy hasn't already tired the hammer to fix it  :D

To my knowledge, the MT07 has linked brakes - when you pull the front, the back is applied as well but not as hard. I have a 2014 MT07 and have not had the problem you describe.