Tannig accidents are not only a female thing

these people should take a look in the mirror and actually see themselves!!


All of this tanning has burned my retinas…where is the camera?

Who knew that Oompa Loompas and Vampires could be friends?

I’m too sexy for my hair gel.

Does this color even exist in nature? Crayola needs a new crayon, ‘Long Island Guido Orange’.

Tanning Gone Wild!!!

Tan hedgehogs looking for a little lovin’.

Hair-too-heavy. Can’t-hold-up-head.

It’s Lee Hotti!


the ones where their sitting on the chairs they look like umpa lumpas from the original charlie and the chocolate factory

Do these people not realise how stupid they look, sorry if this offends any LBers that look like that :wink:


Its the lines across their foreheads… :hehe: :smiley: :hehe: :smiley: :hehe: :smiley:

CHAVS!!! :slight_smile:

I think it is the latest book by John Wyndham to be made into a series:

Day Of The Chavs! :w00t:

Hope scotchbrite works before I meet you guys again!:smiley:

Brilliant – I love the fact that the chaps in picture 2 (one fake tanned on the left, the other white boy on the right) appear in picture 4 where original fake tanned chappie has obviously managed to persuade white boy what a fantastic idea fake tan is!! :smiley: