Tanks Pads WTF!!!!!!

Just got a new bike so need a tank pad. Last 2 bikes were Supermotos so had no need for them for the last 4 years. I thought it shouldn’t be a problem getting a decent one as I never had a problem before with my Blade, Fazer etc.

Anyway I want a plain black tank pad went into HG and they had union Jacks, England flags, Scotland flags and really loud horrible colours. They did have a clear one thou, so I thought that will do and brought it. Fitted it and bugger! it seems that when I peeled the backing off and in the process of getting it in the right position I had touched the sticky underside. I hadn’t thought of this but the result was when on the bike every single little finger print was on show through the clear rubber. How the feck you supposed to fit it without touching it???

So I took it off, went to a local shop in Hertford and got an Oxford spine tank pad. Stuck that on and it instantly became apparent that the rubber wasn’t stuck properly to the sticky underside, so its not flush with the tank and is peeling back in places WTF. I’m not using the bike till the weekend but I know as soon as I move around its gonna get worse. I reckon its faulty and I’m gonna take it back but has anyone else had issues with the Oxford spine? As if so I’ll get something else.

Anyone got a recommendation for a decent tank pad that doesn’t look like a benetton ad

I just bought a Motrax Carbon Fibre One…No Problemo !!!

Sondels Motorcycles Highbury Corner has a selection of about 30 different styles

Do you not like the official one? Semi transparent but easy to put on. I had no trouble.

£16 ordered from a dealer.


just pop into halfords and they should have plain black or carbon effect motrax ones in for about a tenner?? never had a problem with em?

Cheers guys.

Gonna take the oxford one back to the shop so its on the bike and I can show em how its peeling and get a new one, I’ll then fit the new one whilst there in case of more problems If thats poo then I’m back in the market for a new type.

Not sure about the Z one as it looks a bit silver, or is that just cos its transparant? TBH I want something that people won’t even see.