Tank protector not sticking?

Purchased a tank protector, and took advice about cleaning the area of the tank where the pad is gonna be stuck. Waited for it to dry and then stuck it on. A few days later 2 edges are not sticking?! very frustrating! applied very hard pressure. Is there anything i can use like special glue or something that will solve my problem?

thx in advance LB peeps :smiley:

I had this problem with one of those rubber ones.

I then got a “normal one” took a hair dryer to it to make sure the glue was nice and sticky, not sure if that’d help now though

Had the same problem with mine sometime back. Anoying as it was I just left it and got on with it till one day i decided to replace it. Pulled it off and where it had been loose it had colelcted all sorts of gunk and scratched my tank to buggery.

My advice pull it off get a new one and apply it properly. Save you a lot in the long run.

Why don’t you Pm rockerchick , she must surely be the lb expert on applying sticky things to motorcycles ;):w00t::hehe: ( now don’t go gettin all rude )…i mean flames /stickers/protectors/an stuff . Her bike is filthy but she still manages to stick tacky stuff all over it ) :smiley:

Will do…thx