Tank protector film

Has anyone wrapped their tank in one of those 3M transparent films? I’m already starting to notice microscopic scratches on my gixxer, even the tank pad doesn’t help as the jacket is rubbing all around it. The sides are not shiny any more either due to me hugging the tank with my knees.

I found one here: http://www.invisiblepatterns.co.uk/shop/Suzuki-GSX-R-600-750-2011.html. Have never heard about the company but doesn’t look like it’s a scam.
As an alternative, there’s the well known thetankslapper.biz, which also has a kit. They’re in US so would take a bit longer to get it delivered.

Any thoughts on this all?

Here’s a video of thetankslapper.biz film:

Yes, I’ve just had this done today in fact!
Tank, pillion cover, speedo, headlight, mudguard, and trelliswork.

Too early to tell how well it holds up for me but I’ve heard good things about it.

I got mine done at racebydesign, based down near Gatwick, and I’d thoroughly recommend them based on today’s experience.

Ah, interesting! How much did you pay for the whole thing and how long did it take them?

240 for the lot, which included the extra custom work on the trellis.

I guess a kit would be cheaper but I’m not sure how good I’d be at fitting it.

Took about 3hrs, including him polishing out a few little blemishes and coaxing off and reapplying the tankpad I had on there previously.

Looks very similar stuff to the ZAGG invisible shields you get for phones and ipads etc, worked a treat on my phone theres no way you would be able to scratch it short of slicing into it with a knife, however the film is a tiny bit rubbery and tends to get grubby after a while wouldnt be noticeable on dark paintwork but whites and yellows you’d definately notice it, the edges do eventually start to lift up and lose there stickyness but I’d imaine thats the same with anything that sticks on.


The instrument cluster covering is a bit like that; it’s also matte to reduce glare. The rest of it you can’t really tell is there unless you’re looking hard to find the edges. (Either that or he put a set of emperor’s new clothes on it and charged me anyway :slight_smile:
Doesn’t feel any different to the touch than the original paintwork as far as I can tell.