Tank dent

Returning to my pride and joy on Tuesday evening, I found that some lovely person had managed to put a dent in my tank. It’s about 3cm diameter and pretty shallow - is this something I could pop out with one of those repair kits I’ve seen around? Or would it be best to take it to someone who knows what they’re doing?

Thanks all!

Sorry to hear that. Sorry I can’t be of any help with technical advice but I’m sure somebody on here will have a suggestion.

ouch, that would have p1ssed me off

There are sucker kits that you can get that ‘might’ get a grip off it … I had some amazing results with one a neighbour had albeit on a car.

Bike wise, I had a similar thing after a track day, bike and I survived a crash unmarked but the rule is I wasn’t allowed to ride or take myself back to the paddock. the muppet who recovered the bike strapped it to the inside of his tranny and put a 30 mm crease in the tank. We know one of those Dentmaster chappies and he came along and without taking the tank off, because of the location, he was able to get his tool inside (down Rover ) and used another tool on the outside to sort of roll it out. Very clever! good as new.

personally i would try a profesional dent master or similar…