Tank Bags on a Fazer


I’m looking at getting a tank bag for my fazer (2005, FZ6n to be precise) and was wondering if anyone has any experience using one on this bike.

Basically, I’ve never owned a tank bag and don’t know anyone who I can borrow one from to try out. Do they hide your instrument cluster from view or does it depend on how big they are. A mate (who lives miles away, so can’t borrow his) says his fits a spare helmet in it. That sounds massive! I want to get one, but worried that one of any decent size will mean I can’t see how fast I’m riding, and I like to ride fast :cool:

Any help would be appreciated.


The Baglux ones (which need the tank cover to attach to) and some others like the larger Oxford styles can be extended, when you don’t need the whole space they zip down to about half height.

If you’re thinking of a magnetic one remember to check before buying what your tank is made of as they won’t stick to all bikes.

Mine (a Hein Gericke one) will expand tall enough to take a helmet, and in that position sort-of covers the bottom of the instruments (on my CB500). In not-expanded mode, where it’s the size of most ‘normal’ tank bags (~6" tall) it doesn’t cover anything. My dad’s used it on his '05 FZ6 without issue. They don’t normally get in the way, though you feel more hemmed in. Sometimes they can interfere with the steering lock - if you can, go to a shop and try them out, check the one you get does actually fit your tank.

Also, if you get a magnetic one, bear in mind that they do tend to pick up ferrous debris, which does Bad Things to your tank’s paintwork.

I have a two year old Oxford tank bag which I will be selling. The tank on my new bike is plastic, so there is nothing for the magnets to hold onto. With a little forethought, I’ve had no trouble with the magnets picking up stuff. The tank on my old hornet is pristine.