Tank Bag

Hey Guys

I’m in need of a tank-bag, if anyone has a spare, or an old one they’d be willing to part with - but i’m totally scrweed finding my way arround london to any bike shops (woul dthey even stock them??)

Advice gratefully received!

infinity are having a sale at the moment and there offers are on the web so u can get mail order:

Just as a suggestion:







Ohh, pretty

Had no idea that there was places like that in london (everybody saw awww for the naieve northener) Anyone reccon they’ll stock those bits & pieces, i think that full luggage kit would get burned on my exhaust ?..might be worth buying just for being easy and cheap though!


BabyJ, aka James from Great Portland St Infinity will also give you an LB member discount, bear that in mind It’s just off the A40.

Ohhhh, that’s the one I just printed my map for…Leaving work in half an hour to get over there… should I just give him the good ol’ biker nod… at those prices, I hardly need to hastle the boy for discount, that’s mad!

Thanks again all - I’m loving this forum already, looking forward to seeing y’all at a rideout tomroow night (Wednesday 16th/Aug)

see other thread for something about Visors

welcome northerner…this is the year 2006…if you would like to wind your watch forwards 25 yrs you can enjoy the same things as us…“didnt know they had bike shops down here”. the beatles are 50% lighter and jfk is no more …

Go to a Lidl or Aldi and pick up a tank bag that will beat anything Oxford can make for about the £15-18 mark. I’d give you one of the two I have but they’re both that good I don’t want to part with them.


Well - I got one, £30quid ish from Infinity Cycles up on Grt Portland Street… that makes the 3rd time this week (and yes, it’s tuesday) i’ve spent 2 hours looking for somewhere in london, only to pull over, check my A-Z, and find i’m on the fecknig street i was looking for…bah

It’s really nice - though I think i might get another one, or a set of the soft paniers that they do (frist link in the block posted earlier)… but they didn’t have them in on G.P.St… alas

Thanks for all your info guys


What do you want them in …a nice subtle dusty lavender.or a right “teapot chintz”…?

jesus mate…blue or sodding black…how many litres …and what bike ya putting them on…thats about all that matters aint it !!!

hey they have to match the eyes and that little flowery number on a saturday night too…

Ah, Westgate road. I haven’t been there since I was a wee nipper. Stotties… just had a whiff of nostalgia (not brought on by Hambley’s crotch!).

two tank bags…one for the high society do. and one for when im slumming it up in manc i suppose…i think you can get them in rainbow colours as well…yes we have rainbows down here as we have sun as well as rain…they also sell tripe and whippets and black pudding dan sarf too…