Talking of the plod

Anyone know if there’s an upper age limit for new recruits?


sorry that the lower limit

In my day it was 45. I believe that is still the case.

According to Lincolnshire police there is no upper limit


You can apply at the age of 17, although you won’t be appointed until you are 18.

There is no upper age limit but bear in mind that normal retirement age is 60 and new constables have to complete a two-year probation period.

Same info here: Who can apply | Joining the Police |

Can’t wait to tell Nick to come in and take that tit off his head :joy:

We may need to call him Nick-Nick soon. :grinning:

By the sounds of it, we’d also better make sure to carry a wad of used banknotes if he ever joins traffic… :upside_down_face:


Favourite chat with the plod was at a footie match, late 80s.

An arsey copper to mate (who it must be said did have very big feet) upon entry to a footie match - think they were checking us for weapons / hidden knives.

Copper: Do your feet go all the way to the end of your shoes?
Mate: Yeah, does your head go all the way to the top of that hat?

Fair to say there was more than a few smirks, including some of said copper’s mates.


Nuneaton and Bedworth Police

Vehicle seized by officers from SNT whilst out on the dual purpose motorcycles. Driver did not have the appropriate licence to drive and has been reported accordingly.

Someone pointed out the police bike has an illegal plate. Brilliant!


On what grounds is the plate illegal?

I see nothing wrong with it…

No manufacturers mark at the bottom

I’d be in so much trouble if I was a) in the Police b) out on those.

Love that they have no mirrors as well. Proper!

Reflector isn’t the correct size either or in the middle.

I noticed while standing on the forecourt as my car was being MoT’ed last month (it passed) that the manufacturer’s mark has completely faded away in the sunlight. Luckily the tester didn’t notice.

There’s a couple of vacancies coming up in Devon & Cornwall…


Lol what Muppets

Didn’t know there was a requirement on size and thought position where one rear reflector is required was on the centre-line or off side of the vehicle.

I whish they’d hunt down those moped enabled scrotes on those bikes. The wouldn’t stand a chance.

Like this?
Action starts at 0:55